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Brain-Happiness Adaptation

(Satisfactions -vs- Expectations):     Y-axis= Happiness (up), Depression/sadness (down).   X-axis=Time.   Frequency=Number or Difficulty  of Goals/Demands in life.     Compare the frequency and magnitude of of two above. 



Something similar is experienced by humans shuffling and changing their commitments and activities – or- accelerating in their frames of happiness.

A relative experience point of view, because happiness is so important to the brain, that instead of demanding fixed requirements of input and feedback of activities for happiness, the brain would adapt to have its own reference of happiness to each individual.

I believe that’s the reason children can adapt through tough psychological environments at the cost of whatever they become later on in life.

Due the facts that all human brains are limed and similar, also due the universe entropy and life randomness, the human brain adapts to develop two types of experiencing happiness imagined as Sinusoidal waves:

First rule, is that happiness occurs and would only gravitate to its receivers.

Second rule, is that it doesn’t affect or matter to anything or anyone but the receiver.

The two types are, in summary: 

1- Expected satisfactions 

2- Satisfying expectations.


The first is outward driven but not healthy while the second is self driven and is what I think is one of nature’s best gifts that are free to grab once seen.


The first one experiences, proportionally with demands, extreme ends of cyclical bipolarism of hardily-climbed euphoria and sharply-inclined depressions.

The second one experiences, mildly with acceptance (lack of demands), leveled emotions of satisfactions ( happiness) and ambitions ( sadness  and invested emotions).   In other words you will not feel too sad if you were not trying too hard to be happy.

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Mariana Trench

Can you be my counselor tonight?

 I want to tell you something now that I may not tell you at any other time.

I can’t stand up anymore.

Watch me throw myself on the ground

 A lesser human

Arrogant and useless

Obnoxious and repulsive

I’ve always been lonely so leave me alone now.

So freaking ugly don’t take my photo man.

 Asking about how I’m doing as if you care

…. I cant wait to die


Those voices I couldn’t keep to myself,

simply mean nothing to everyone else.

Thus no one cares about mental illness.



Just in mind experienced:

  “Go kill yourself! Shortcut the BS.”

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Background Waves of Death


Hours flipping in bed with insomnia

No one asking for days, 

No one cares

Does it get any lonelier

Because I’m numb to it

Beyond sad I’m sick of this.

Instead of suicide notes

I screamed and fought.

complaining about how lonely it gets

with the exact same words I used before

Disgusting Dejavus.. life is scary

I think I’m just distracting myself to let time pass by.

The purpose of life is not to wait the clock tick for us to do our job, is it?

Another day to waste alone

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We Exist to Justify Morality

The universe may not give any meaning to us, however we give meaning to the universe by giving meaning to ourselves.  ‘S’

So I believe, the purpose of becoming so aware of existence is to justify morality.

It’s obvious that all humanity sooner or later will go.  A 100 thousands, 200 thousands or a million years optimistically,  it will all go.

That comes in to answer the old question why something instead of nothing.  Well, it’s because if there was nothing , then ‘S’  (i.e.  from our point of view) it would be just as having something but not being able to wonder it,  and  we would’ve not been able to wonder it if there was to be nothing.   Thus there is something that exist for us to realize and wonder.  Finally I conclude that we wonder consciousness to justify good morality because without wondering consciousness, we would live unjust inhumanity,  and that would’ve been possible if we were not to wonder in first place, or not even exist  ‘from our point of view’.

I check this view with the fact that neither dead people nor non-intelligent spices are aware of existence with all its consciousness of good morality  and all its  vices  that destroy fairness and justice…

Key points:

  • The mere fact that one consciously and intellectually recognizes existence gives meaning to their existence and the universe; passively existing does not. 

  •  The first thing conscious wondering is able to control and contribute thoughts into is one’s actions. Thus fairness and good morality become common goals everyone immediately wants and benefits from.  Other purposes are personal and inclusive of getting justice to oneself at least,  thus they cannot be global.     ( For example even Hitler sought the purpose of justice for himself, but also sought evil greed and murders beyond it which were purposes not agreed on by everyone else and in fact rejected since they violated their own just morality purpose in existence.  Therefore,  justifying morality remains common for existing and survival while evil greed and murders cannot be the purpose for humanity.)

Full explanation:

Let me assign that definition the operation ‘ S ‘ : (i.e giving meaning to the universe by giving meaning to ourselves. Or in other words, from our point of view…)

[ For example, if (A) meant that planet Earth is pointless, then (A) * S would mean that planet Earth is valuable because from our point of view it contains us and we are valuable. Thus giving value to planet Earth.]

Taking into consideration:

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How badly I want love


Ever since I was a kid I wanted to love, I wanted to love

Now I don’t like my voice, I grew old , lonely and old

Worn out but still I wanna love, I wanna love.. no

Can’t listen to my inner thoughts. They just hurt, they’re cold

I’ve written my book. One day we will live no more

If I don’t need, I wont want, no I don’t want

In other words, no one cares

A world of so many, and a lot in pain, and fewer who share

An author who’s gone tomorrow

With untold incommunicable pain

Indigestible depression, sadness for lunch and dinner

Life passing by, like torture

happiness… we may never meet in life











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Lucid Nightmare



Time spawning… Forever lasting…

Something… Something

Forward acting… Into a universe

Clumping matter with balanced energies

Something… Something…

Life started temporarily

Something… Something… Something

This amazing brain is thinking, and consciousness lived to wonder

Born pushing life’s short end

I’m sorry that you’re alive but glad it’s temporary,

So we don’t have to work forever

I knew it just happens so it’s not helpful to wonder how it ends

I have nothing to say

You have nothing to do

That seems to be the worst part of being alive

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How to Survive the Loneliness of Happiness, Material, Love, and Luck


 You would have to face and deal with loneliness from four aspects that relate and affect each other:

1- Thoughts

2- Sexuality

3- Physicality

4- Existence



1- Brain Thoughts:  With loneliness everyday, you will deal and see few and numbered things only around you, such as walls, trees, dirt, air, food..  etc.   So your brain will push to create its own imaginations, nightmares, dreams and thoughts to the point where those imaginations and nightmares will start to matter to you just as much if not more than your everyday reality, that consists of seeing walls, trees and food.     So in conclusion, your brain will face and deal with its own nonphysical ideas, illusions, comedy, life stories and nightmares almost as much if not more than everyday’s limited physical reality like handling things, getting up, eating food..etc

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Quantum computers: End of Moore-law classic transistors

Image Source:  33rdsquare.com


When the p-n-p atoms, that work as transistor in classic chips, get to the size of 5,3 or less atoms (between the emitter and collector), whose work is controlled classically by voltage gates to allow software programing to control either electrons in/out/amplified, are now affected by the quantum super positioning of spins (whatever thing is used: could be p-doped electron/polar photons /molecules polarity/condenses/ ion traps/ or just the nucleolus of the p-doped silicon atom itself (or carbon diamonds in the future?)) . Since they are now in entanglement and in quantum tunneling superposition, expect the nearest elections (that used to travel across to the collector end in a controlled way) to respond to those quantum spins thus behave much more unexpectedly and effectively, as if it was telling the electron to go and not go in the same time (0 and 1 simultaneously)  making ‘n’ qbits equal to 2^n classic bits.

Why are those quantum spins weird causing ‘n’ qbits equal to 2^n bits? Because the up/down and down/up spin states are not stable neither determinant; however they are just opposite and unknown.

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Dark Stuff Dancing in Dark Spacetime


Image: That grey dot represent the amount of Matter in the universe, about 5%,  while the rest has been dancing in the Dark around us.


Well,  there was some energy, that we assume canceled and cooled from BANGBANG or some infinite energy fluctuations that took place in a spacetime 13.8 billions yrs ago,  btw I also need you to accept that spacetime only moves forward.

Now let me tell you about the accidents that happened after that energy cooled and canceled into a configuration that allowed galaxies to be formed in spacetime:

*4.9%(matter) of that energy gravitated in spacetime and used other forces and things to turn into atoms and galaxies,
while 26.8%(dark matter) of it was energy only and only to gravitate in spacetime which let that 4.9% form galaxies around it,
the rest 68.3%(dark energy) of that energy was only and only to stretch spacetime to let that galaxies form in the universe.

*%Accuracy gets improved with recent year measurements.*


I respect physicists who say something along ‘Expect Dark Matter to be a new class of particles or to have a complicated nature not just a gravity energy that doesn’t interact with anything else.’

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Philosophy , Religion and Physics Walked Into a Bar …



Source article: abyss.uoregon.edu/~js/lectures/early_univ.html



Talking about our reality and why some people are wrong while others are crazy.

God:Philosophy:Religion: Stand for good morality ideology”
Nature:Physics:  Stand for universe casual determinism logic”

In the last century, more so than previous ones, Theoretical Physics took the spotlight explaining to mankind everything in our reality using scientific evidence and the logic of causality.

Yet even in that context, Physics shut up when we ask why time is only moving forward,  or equivalently why a thing instead of nothing before way in first place?

So Atheist Philosophy and Theist Religion visited Theoretical Physics:Physics saw Religion and immediately wanted to leave the room, but Philosophy held Physics by the hand and begged for the sake of existence to take this conversion. Still Physics wanted to make sure that they don’t mention time reversal paradoxes that cannot  happen;  So parallel time travels that decrease the universe entropy or violate its second law of thermodynamics were not allowed.

Atheist Philosophy considers reality timeless but it accepts the existence of random unique events to work in physics (e.g.  Singularity, to DeSitter Inflation stability ..etc).    Without existence of time,  infinite possibilities  already happened(ing) while our uniform ticking of forward-time-oriented awareness in this existence is explained by experiencing an illusion due being a special energy ball in a spacetime fabric with tight potential wells.  Regardless of one time only being experienced, there are multiple journeys therefore cannot be one purpose;   Meaning different outcomes are possible for every possible multiverse existence.

On the other hand, Theist Religion considers reality tuned by exact frequencies that give life to a universe with atom configurations and timed existence but it accepts the existence of concepts that are infinite to work in physics (e.g. God, Infinite energy, infinite spacetime ..etc.). Read the rest of this page »

Humans Imperfections: Colonizing Mars

Image source article:  reilly.nd.edu/outreach/emerging-ethical-dilemmas-and-policy-issues-in-science-and-technology-2015/astronaut-bioethics/



– Earth atmosphere is valued at $4,500 trillions.
– Mars will take 100,000 years before Mars atmosphere turns better than Earth.
– Even after 100,000 years,  Polluted Earth -vs- Transform Mars  is still a 10-0 matchup for humans living suitability.

Considering climate change and energy renewability to be the main endangering threats facing humans,   Mars colonization is seen as the most necessary next step for humans exploration and survival.  

Mars is full of gases, CO2, and even O2 .  Rich geology and a heavy candidate to find  bio fossils or amino-acid life due the existence of flowing liquid water in its past.    They are not trying to colonize Mars to let people live there;  They hope to establish something there that would bring resources to Earth  in all types of methods harvesting Mars’ for its science, fuel and water or  asteroids and rays that don’t come Earth.

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Dying When Our Jobs Are Done


I’m going crazy, would it matter if I told you?
A world of misery, will anything change if I tell you?

Wide awake until I sleep tonight
So alive until I die this life

Emotions all over the place
Brain is shellshocked

Meaning that I play this game 
Passing time pretending to live

Hoping that it goes by in peace
Traveling the least path of pain

Closer to death letting entropy increase

Talking myself  out how awful it feels

It’s Dejav… damn not again…


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Homosexuality Is a Harmless Mental Disorder


picSource: www.360nobs.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Work-pics2353

Classifying homosexuality as a mental disorder has a good level of objectivity and that’s why I’ll explain this view before concluding whether it is helpful or pointless. I’m also sorry that the word ‘disorder’ has a bad stigma to it while in fact ‘disorder’ is just what is different from what we subjectively consider ‘order’.

Mental or personality disorders, such as psychopathy, are the behaviors driven from the brain of the individual handling certain values. They’re almost all contributed to the individual having susceptible genetics and environmental variables that default the brain to those behaviors during its developing years. There are also drugs that stimulate those mental disorders temporarily. Unfortunately however, there is no counter drug that neutralizes every mental or personality disorder.

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