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No one’s going to shout NERDS once they come around you. That’s because they live between us, or should I say among.

My writing skills are not good at all, but listen to what I want to say… I’m not offending anyone by the way because if you think you are one nerd, then you’re not, because they don’t know who they are; they just think they’re individuals doing great in their lives because they’re doing great school work. Are you infected? beware!

You will know when you meet one because they only speak about school all the time; speak a lot, and once you change the subject to any other thing, they will shut the f-@k up. That’s because they can’t relate to something called real life. Real life might differ from what you are learn on paper ; you are graded at both but so differently. They are not smart by the way, you can trick them so easily, exactly like you’re talking to a 3 years kid.


It’s scientifically proven that they have no life…

They don’t have sympathy over themselves, they think they’re doing great in life and others are trying to catch up to them. They got everything under control (school things I mean_) no shortcuts, no missing part, or delayed HW; they will do the whole thing religiously. Finally, no one knows yet if they’re going hell or heaven.


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