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CRAP Battle!


I plumped the toilet,  Sh-t floated on top of the surface.

I left the apartment for a weak, something went wrong in the sewer pump and all water was drawn, so all what left in the toilet was a hill of moistured sh-t only.

I called maintenance, someone came, but got out once he realized no one should do this job in the world.

Someone had to step in and do the sacrifice.

When I just woke up, between reality and dream,  I wore 3 bags on my left hand, and brought a heavy bag with my right, removed the lid of the toilet:

and started to dig and remove the sh-t; hand in hand,  one after the other: I threw up, face blushed, nose bleeding, and my eyes crying; but continued to fill the bag with sh-t.. until I thought removed 85% of the total sht that was build up.

I closed the lid and moved outside to throw the bag: some people saw me blushing with red teary eyes in misrrible state, carrying a bag with spots of chocolate from the out.   They both looked, then ran.  I threw the bag, and lived in peace…


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