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As A Psychiatrist to Me


want them to disappear and get AWAY from me and NEVER see them or hear
their F–KING VOICES or any stories about their existence + I hate other group
of people and I wish they’re dead.., as soon as
possible so they GET TO BURN IN HELL early enough + I hate other group of
people that I wish they suffer like they made to others to  for the REST OF THEIR F–KING LIVES
and know that they were pieces of sh-ts all the time and wrong, then once they
realize that, they get sent to hell also. Also I hate other group of people
because they are too good and never give it up, I wish if they were dead long
time ago before they became too good. I also HATE THE F–KING stupid people who
try to live too f–king hard, who f–king work too hard to survive this f–ked
up life. Also I HATE PEOPLE LIKE ME who feels it but don’t act or start to do
any f–k about it and think they can’t do anything about it. And I F–KING HATE
THE PEOPLE who let us live like this, Living the sh-ty life, live F–KING
hard, F–K that, I shouldn’t let it get started from the beginning. F–k and
F–k people who don’t understand this. When you die, I will put my f–king
penis into your eye and let it come out from the back of your f–king brain.
YOU ARE f–king nasty , you should die you f–king idiot. Leave me alone and I
don’t want to see anyone or anyone see me. F–k you, I love my loneliness. F–k
…I don’t want to talk to you. You SON OF A F–KING BITCH. You are someone who can’t
do a sht about it, and if you don’t f–king do anything about it, then what
should I do with YOUR F–KIN FAGGOT FACE? F–kin DISAPPEAR Bitch disappear .
Don’t do anything fake with me ever again you F–KING SON OF A F–KING Whore.”

Those were the words of a 14 years old kid said when he was left in a room
 I went there escaping a day full of problems,
arguments, and unbearable pressures from my work and thoughts.  I didn’t know I’d
meet a patient who’s been waiting for me since I was 14… who I am..looking at him. that kid himself.  He won’t say these words to me now,
I’m not sure I’ll see him ever again..


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