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A principle method for scientific inquiry….
So here’s the experiment I want you to do, just fallow the steps

You need the following:

1- A small sharp piece of glass.  (less than a mm wide, less than a cm long.
Just like if you broke a window and picked up a shatter)

2- PATIENCE a lot of



1- We chose the left hand for this experiment.  Cut the surface underneath by
making a small wound by the glass.

2- Insert the piece of glass inside the skin
thoroughly.  Continue to push and force
until you don’t see any tip of the glass.

3- Start walking and jumping on your injured hand to make
sure that piece of glass has found its place inside forever.

4- Finally, make sure you can’t get this piece of glass out
by any manual method.

5- Days after days, it’ll be infected, it’ll hurt you_ just
DON’T call/involve the hospital. Just clean, and disinfect the area from time
to time.  :D


-Your body has been losing many tissues, yet it won’t just
replace them like if it was a normal cut.

-The body is dealing with that piece of glass as an antigen,
or a strange body.

-Lymph nodes -(parts responsible for disinfecting/eating
bacteria and foreign bodies)- will continue to flood that area representing
that semi-yellow liquid which has been continuously coming out of the wound.

-In less than two weeks, if you haven’t lost your arm already, you’ll notice that the tip of the
glass has come out by its own, i.e. the body “kicked out” that piece of glass


– DONT force a foreign element into a system it doesn’t belong to

-The system of the body just did NOT want that piece and kept fighting it every way possible.

-It dealt with it as “foreign” body until it was kicked out.


I wanted to say

that piece of glass could be you into the society..


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