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Ok, listen,  first part you talked about* you have no control over physical/environmental/genetics… etc*  cool, that right, YET, you can always have an effect on those whenever, wherever you are (example, genetics make you physically weak: you can still be strong(er) than what you were left with by genetics … so so other examples)  so it’s not like I don’t have a “choice” in being weak ?!  sorry, get on yourself and make a “change”  you might still be weak, but you are stronger than before=> therefore, it’s possible to even be really strong or even the strongest

second part you talked about *ethically; you don’t have a choice in what you were left with*  Here where your argument began to be subjective and there I really disagree with what you think:
I’d tell you something,  If you’re gonna insist your mind on that, then no one can convince you otherwise;  this part is different because it’s all about personality and what you decided to do with your life=> there’s a difference between if you grow up stupid/mentally defects – not smart …etc by genetic/environment,  AND  if you poor/uneducated/…etc  but healthy with full brain cells that have the potential to function as smart as you can be…
In the second case: now you have the choice whether to put your brain to work or not.  You can decide ALL OVER AGAIN regardless of your environment or how you grew up.  I believe at that level you can control and choose what you desire/ judge/ think/ and why you keep your personality like this ( example; you Brokemench have this choice to appear in a nice appearance like a freethinker persuading people with you think is right, while another person won’t do what you do: he knows the truth, his personality likes to keep it for himself and he will never share it with anyone)  <= here you chose “who you are”  with your own mind by your own self.

Finally,  regarding your second part of the argument;  who the hell will benefit thinking what you’re thinking?  How will this type of thinking help someone who was brought into the worst conditions of life that he didn’t have an option to choose?  How do you like people to think they can’t help themselves?  who the hell will be able to help them then?  if they will think that way, then they are CLOSING a great door to bring greater possibilities into their lives.
so it’s not like what “veorens” comment: it’s not like we don’t “like” it;  we LOSE if we chose determinism in every aspect of life.

Whether you want to see this side of yourself, you want to see the right and wrong, or you want to see what you think SHOULD be brought to your society and community. ( but you said: describing the people brought in alcohol problem families ‘ most times he won’t become helpful to the society ‘)
If you want to make something for your community, then you will do it, most importantly: you CAN do it.


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