where we write it

I’m saying almost

Hey listen; I’m using the word almost now. It means a lot
to me..

I thought I’ was dead; …. I am almost dead.

I was shot in almost every part of my heart.

I was burned until the fire almost lost its heat.

almost feel no pain, but I see the scars. I almost
call myself loser, almost give up, let go and fall with fainting pain when I
say these words.  You hold my life as
your hostage, because everything on my heart is exposed by my
tongue now.  I still want you.  and there’s still hope because I’m almost there, but you keep breaking me down.    and I took that;  it will never be too late for you.  but I can’t do it by myself now.   How honest do you think I am?  Wait! don’t turn your back,  I can’t bleed for so long, I can’t hold much more. I need something
that is impossible for a man like me to get. I used what I stored. I lost what
I kept, but I never touched your share that I saved.   Come!  have a look
at it.  It’s for you! I’m challenging
every night to keep it. I stay to beat the first half, but then the second beats me;… nights are getting longer, dark is getting harder …  I CANNOT LOSE YOU…

I burned all my flowers, so I won’t give you any in valentine.

My ink is drought, and I cant talk. .  please reply


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