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Evil Is Fun


Swallowed; my energy is drawn.
I can’t feel my feet. My clothes are soaked.
My heart locking beats; I’m my dirtiest; it’s fun.
I’ll just get rid of these clothes after I’m done.
People wont know what before I had on.
I’m sick of everyone telling me how clean I should be.
So much hate.  Now I want  to see grief in others eyes.
Let me be the judge.  I’ll change my clothes after.
A malevolent God where  life can be unfair.

I talk and you find me reasonable.
I decide who is right.
I start:
Lonely humans of earth among billions of lifeless clusters in the universe.
Only got each other, like a family, but hurt each other like an abusive family.
Variety rejected;  People in groups.

Playing in their little houses and never go outside.
Forever in classes, even if differences evade.

Steal their natural resources. Watch them die from preventable diseases.

More power to the rich; polluted water to the poor!

As long as my life is a pleasure.

It is time for me only to exist.


Author Notes

Frustration of reality that lead to arrogance possession.  Metaphorically valued above the universe. Heartless display of greed and the ability to manipulate everyone in need;   that ironically matches the attitude that many people live by in today’s world.

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