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Lucid Dream Adventrues: I knew it was a dream!

Lucid Dreaming:
– at some point in a dream, I realize it’s a dream and not real life.
– I can wake myself up if I wanted after that ( I just do what I call the “HuuuuH!” lol, which is an burst of energy I put in my breathing then I suddenly wake up. Or instead of waking up, I can do whatever I like while I’m in the dream knowing that I’m dreaming)
so it happens unexpectedly,     in the middle of the dream:  I just figure out it is a dream:

Dreams that happened again and again til I spotted it:(BUSTED Series)

Choose any one down to read =)   First ones were kind of silly; I had them when I was a kid,

stupid stories’  time ! xD enjoy




1 – Teh Skeleton:

When I was a kid  I had that dream of a skeleton chasing me all the time around my house. I’m scared running up and down the stairs away from him thinking it’s the devil and it will take my soul if I got  caught. ==>  one day I realized it was a dream:  I stopped, looked at him in the eyes , which he didn’t have *hehe* and said “you know what, I will throw myself  from stairs!!” Then I jumped and when I was just about to hit the floor I closed my eyes and did the HuuuuH thing to wake up ==> it felt bad,  like I was supposed to hit the floor but kept going, but then everything stopped !!  That skeleton dream never showed up ever again in my life since.




2- Teh Thief:

When I was a kid, I had drills that I made in my mind to survive in case a robber showed to kill me in my bed one night.   I had a lot of techniques, for example  screaming “MAMA!!”, or even fighting back if I could.  Here’s the dream:
(guess what, A robber came to kill me in my bed!)  I decided to use the screaming technique to save my ass, but , I couldn’t scream at that time,  there wasn’t enough air in my throat that let me talk !! I was choking, shaking, and I thought it’s my end.   I got trapped in the corner, I laid down and closed my eyes, then he stabbed me in the heart!  (B*TCH!)  Then, everything felt weird, it was like, ‘I got stabbed…what’s this feeling? it hurt in a weird way..  it’s like it’s all in my mind..  am I dead? ==> I realized it’s a dream , so I looked at robber as he was still standing there, and I said “this’s really stupid.”    I DID the HUuuH  to wake up! and I did then :)




3- My Other Brother :

– (That I had an elder brother named Ahmed!! <== doesn’t exist in real life! just popped in my dream lol seriously). whatever, he was married to a young girl that turns into an old witch at night.  Once I saw that I went to tell my family that Ahmed’s wife turns into an old witch at night, c’mon plz let’s do something about it.  Then, I don’t remember the exact details but when we confronted her, she said “yes I am and I already killed Ahmed and his dead body is in the garage , hahaha – *turns into scary old witch*- hahaha.”  Then all of us were so angry and crying all loud. My brother and I, (not Ahmed, no, the other real one I know in real life),   went running toward her to catch her but she flew through the window and my brother was like” It’s over!! She got away!! *crying hysterically *”  but I quickly reached my hands between the bars of the window frames and caught her,  I screamed ” I GOT HER, GOT HER HELP ME!.”   Then we all hurried out,  (in the garage area where we could see Ahmed’s body lying).  All of us were crying and saying ” It’s over , this bitch killed our one and only old brother Ahmed *crying hysterically*.”  We started hitting her with blocks and sticks and her head was being smashed, blood was every where…  nasty stuff.  Then  I just said:  “Guys,  since when do we have a brother called Ahmed? What are we crying about, this’s a dream!! we don’t have a f–king one called Ahmed in our family! The only two guys are this guy who’s hitting that lady with a rock!   Plus,  there’s no b!tch that turns into old piece of sh*t to kill our brother and disappear!” Everybody was shocked, looking at me when I said that like I lost my mind.  Then my brother started to convince me that it’s all helpless and our brother was really killed.  So I said ” Ughh! Ok I will wake up from this. “<== and  I really woke up.



4- Cat Woman, In a Box:

– beautiful girl who looks like a cat, she has the ears of cat, nails of cat, her teeth, sharp cuspids, meooww! But she was sitting in a box for some reason!  and I saw that box in my room.  also, hummm, she was , don’t quite remember if she was naked? whatever, I was afraid of her first, then I realized it was in a dream :D) ===> went to f–k that thing!  am like”  scratch my face as much as you want, it’s saxy time! Room for me in that box Pleaase!!..” .. She’s saying meow meow, I was about get action started, but then I quickly realized “OMG,!!  No wait I can’t!  cuz  I will have a wet dream, and I have a soccer game to play right this afternoon after I wake up!!”,  “I will have no time for a shower and wet pants.”  !!!  lol,  so I walked away from her, no sex no noting, and woke up.




5- Eleen Khalef:

– A beautiful celebrity known in my culture named: Eleen Khalef,  she’s so hot and always does those sexually provocative things on her videos that give you all that sexual thrill and make you ponder ‘gee, what is beyond that feather –-‘ .  She’s the kind that makes you stare at her in music videos hoping she might mistakenly wear something that’s a bit transparent so if you stared bit harder you might see through (click on the red dress, but remember to come back to finish this story pls).  She also does that trick in her clips, implies that’s she actually nude with the camera going down her body all the way , and once the screen is about to reach her ass, the camera suddenly frigging changes view to the skies or  something and makes you go “Nuuuauahh!!!  What Was in There!?”.  Or, in another scene since she’s naked,  you start checking all possible reflections of light on the background of the studio from the camera of her. Who knows,  There just might be one director’s mistake that can possibly show a sideboob or somesing batta you say perhabs my friends?

lol,  alright enough about that lady is old now…
AS A RESULT I guess, I had a dream that one day I came home and saw her  in my house with all my family sitting together, mom, dad, all my sisiters. I was f#@king shocked!  How the hell is Eleen Khalef in my house!  Anyway, I wasn’t even interested in knowing the reason that brought here at that point, I quickly managed to get all my sisters busy with something and send them upstairs. My dad, and mom were preparing something while my brother was watching tv.  I quickly took her hand and brought her to my room. (Still not knowing it’s a dream yet) , she was saying stuff like what are you trying to do or something, Anyway, I got her into my room, then tried to close the door from inside. ,, just, “WTF!”  !!   It’s Does Not close!!  The damn door refuses to be shut from the inside!  It was if you close it from inside, it opens out to the other way, no hinges to support and stop it from going the other way like 180 deg. !_! “F**KU Hinges! Are you serious!”  So I looked at her, and thought “I can’t believe this, the only time Eleen Khalef  herself came in my house, in my room, and I’m here , ready to lose my virginity, the door is literally F**king Around!”    I realized it’s not going to happen if  I couldn’t get the door closed, cuz my mom or brother or anyone could come and see the celebration.  I got so frustrated, I said to her: ” Yo, I can’t, I can’t , you see how this is, but I will hold the door locked and you take off your clothes.”   Then she just took her shirt off,  and to my surprise,  she did not have good boobs, I mean, the tits diameter was 2 inches at least, the… nips were deformed… serious bummer.  But,  let’s look at the full half, I was still looking for what’s beyond the panties.  I took them off to see,,, Aaa.. ohhh, what…  Eleen has a dick instate of a vagina!?   I told her: “what!  don’t you have a vagina ?  I’m sure I remember the curve of your camel toe from wearing that stretched jeans in your last video!!  Ohh lord,, no no,, this’s too much”   I took a moment and realized all the non-sense that’s been happening so far: – Eleen is in my house! – my bigger brother and dad are busy  while this chick is here!, – my door is being gay and opens both ways!, – and finally,  b!tch got a penis!

“Humm! YOU ARE IN A DREAM!” )==> “You Eleen!  Let’s work something out, for real tho, Imma suck your D.  let’s get it started whether you got a d!ck or a grendizer ”  Then I heard my Mom in her way to my room!!  One hand on the D, one hand holding the door, “Don’t worry I got this!!   I’m not even gonna ….! I”M FUH…”  It wasn’t the door shaking, it was in real life my mom shaking me to wake up! !! I woke up…

   “why mom,,  why ??”

I went to sleep hoping Eleen comes back or something,, but ,, nothing came again.  T_T

*ugh*,  life goes on. and she is not even in my dreams.



6- Haifa Wahbi:H

– Another beautiful celebrity known in my culture named Haifa Wahbi.  My brother and I saw her somewhere in the city back home,  for some reason. I went,  said hi and we shook hands!  I realized by then  it was a dream and told her: SHOW YOUR BOOBS, NOW. :D   Then I remember she let  only one boob out.  !_!  I quickly bend over and sucked it.  My brother went like , ” WTF Man!” You can’t do this !!.   I replied: ” Yes you can, it’s a dream let me do it.”   He said ” I know that’s a dream, but Not like that!”  , I  said ” No, it’s  not life dream it’s a dream in life to allow me to do that !”  “A real life dream to do Whaat!?” .   Lol   honestly I don’t remember the rest but I remember I woke up very very very happy and things very wet , but I had a smile cleaning my underwears.  Thanking god/ or satan,  whoever put efforts to make that dream happen.   or as I’d call it a vision .. -__-



7- My School Is In My House:

This one happened over and over, for a long period of time,  until I spotted it (Busted):

– Dream of our house being turned into my school suddenly;  all students and teachers teaching and going everywhere around my house.    I was hell of scared to let them go around because my family, my mom and sisters were there.  I was trying to hide my mom and sisters all the time;  they were so worried about their safety. It’s a same-sex school, all men;  the students were going around everywhere uncontrollably.   Every time I have this dream, which is a nightmare, I wake up sweaty and very disturbed.  That dream kept on happening between every now and then.  One day,  school was in my house again==>  but I had enough, I know it’s a dream;  I will just grab a kid and f**k em on the table in the class!  I did the  HUuuuuHWAhhwauahJAH!!! , and everyone was ‘HOLYSHET horrified,  HE IS .. OMG, absolutely shocked, screaming..’  and I guess they skipped school for ever after.  i.e. I never had that dream again since then.

well, I said it’s a same-sex school,  so..   it had to be done, and yes it was a wet dream.



8- Dream or No Dream:

– this one was so confusing, and weird, it’s about one guy who I promised myself to not to talk to. I would never be friend again with that guy till the end of my life.   I used to say  “Im done. let god be the judge to him one day.”

So in this dream, he came to my house, and somehow ended up in the living room where I was lying on my stocmach playing video games with friends. He had a book and was laughing, excited to show us what he got. So he started talk to us, sharing jokes with me, like if we are good friends again.  All my roomates were in the same room as well, having fun times laughing about the jokes he’s sharing. ==> suddenly I stood up and said: “yo , don’t think you managed to get me on your side after all what you’ve done in the past,  I’m laughing with you now but…….  , this’s not real,  I know this’s a dream, cuz we’re still enemies in real life.”  then he said: ” what are you saying! NO THIS’S NOT A DREAM and you know that.”   I took off my pants and peed on the floor.  Everyone in the room  …. ?_?<=== “Nas!  What are you doing!?!”.  “because it’s a dream” I said..   awkward silent follows.   I said excuse me and walked back to my room wondering damn,, I hope it’s a dream cuz I’m not 100% sure this time.  Usually I wake up after I realize and act in a dream, -smh- c’mon, is this a..dream or no,omg, I f****ed up.    Then I woke up! -pew-  and it was really a dream, said: thanks god, that’ was a close one.



9- My Father Love My Friends.

jan 22 2010 update:  same dream happened again, maybe 7th time

So this dream also happened over and over, not realizing it’s a dream while in it. I keep thinking it’s reality.

same plot happen me and my father but different friends. <= this dream I’m referring to starts at the *** mark below.

first on series started  sep 8-2009: … this one came after a serious of other nightmares, too..

I’ve a friend from Venezuela, committed christian, all about god and bible.. he used to say ” if you just look at a woman with lust, then that’s equivalent to that if  you’ve committed adultery with her” .. bible talk you know, so in this dream
I remembered seeing him fully naked with girls, (maybe I recognized some of them in real life); girls were naked as well.. they were all talking, but not having sex.
I was with him later were alone, I asked him,” hey, how come you say if you just look at a woman…(…), while you were with the other girls … you know”   then someone: (I know him in real life) interpreted us, came around /walking/ sitting. so I stopped , didn’t say naked, cuz didn’t want to embarrass him (it could be scandal) .. then he looked back at me, and said ” we were just talking like friends, without having sex!”    then I said” but you were… ” he said” you mean naked?” ..I  replied.. ” yaeh, i mean yea” . he said ” that’s ok, we always do that. we were talking like friends! and I never had sex with them, I was not giving any lust to any of them! (so it is NOT A SIN)”  So I  was like ‘  with tune.. like that’s bs, c’mon’ what type of  meetings is this ??” (in my mind i was thinking…  i know he does and he’s full of lies covered showing he’s the religious good man)..
– then i don’t remember how we moved to the next topic.  I went searching for it in internet if it’s a sin in Christianity or not… I could NOT find any website supporting his claim.
– somehow, i met (aluan :a el savadorian guy (neat- friend)). somehow he was right in my house in the living room, we’re both alone,  so I asked him ” hey I had a question i wanted to ask you about Christianity ” , he looked up, replied yeah cool” ~ so  I asked him that question.. if it’s a sin or not to be naked with women talking with them without lust.. or something like that.
then I’m not sure if I told him that my other friend does it and says it’s fine or not.
– also, don’t remember how he kept saying: naked/ looking at me, and i say yes naked, then he asks again: naked/ looks at me… like it was an attempt to understand the question better, he said yeah it’s totally cool, and  he fully undressed… to naked skin- nothing on!. – (it didn’t feel that it was a sexual/gay attempt at all.. it was more a way for him to understand the question in a better way ~ by demonstrating it??)
then,, I  said: ” no i don’t think so” , then he replied “… r u sure?”  “maybe in some that section of christainty it’s allowed .. what type r u… “
– conversation went on… no conclusion was gained.. nothing but an awkward sexual energy..
THEN… MY FATHER came.. (from that white curtain) knocked, …not sure why he came ,to say hi/ check situation.. anyway, what’s worse.. he opened the curtain and it was like aluan was behind me, almost completely visible to my father… I was about to tell alex to dress… my dad is coming.. then realized it’s too late for him to dress … alright, GO HIDE OVER THERE… QUICKLY ALUAN!~!
but he .. i’m not sure, almost didn’t move… kind of didn’t get where i told him to hide (i was pointing at a place similar to the closet we have in our kitchen~doesn’t exist in reality but was there in dream..) anyway,  my dear friend.. Aluan, indeed did not move..   I was like “Dad, wait, my friend is n…” my Dad came in, I tried to close my father’s eyes, repeatedly, but he kept removing my hands from his face, and was trying to figure out what’ was going….
I first thought I could come with an excuse to not let him have a look, then I decided just ganna tell him: ” my friend is naked, ” ( i did, and continued to despertly block his view).   Aluan , on the other hand, didn’t move from his spot still.

finally, my father broke threw me, and so I steped aside,( i was hoping my dad become understanding for the situation)… I also thought that for Aluan,  it’s not a big deal that he was seen naked! ( thought probably he’s used to it cuz of his different cultural background).. so I said to myslef. (okey, I shouldn’t be embaressmed about that now, .. ; it’s apparently not a problem for aluan )  -heart beating so fast-

– cuz i knew- , then
–  my father started slaping Aluan, and Aluan started to cry.,, my Dad started sexualy assulting aluan, (aluan is naked)… begging my dad to stop,, and so…. I imediatly hurried and jumped on my dad to stop him, I was defending aluan, I began to fake crying to gain my father’s sympethy … and try to stop him from raping aluan, but without a gain unfortunately,Aluan kept crying as he was getting ass checked.. (really messed up situation)… I felt all aluan’s body parts hitting me as I was desperately trying to defend him if you know what I mean, while i was faking to cry and defend him and stop my father from slaping/ assulting him..

it was all useless, for as much details I could recall of the dream, it was that disturbing to go thru.

everything took place ..I waited for  my dad calmed down.  I steped aside thinking it’s done, then I looked back.. ! and found my dad went assaulting aluan all over again! and hitting him! …! all I was thinking at the time,, was how this could be fixed now!! what’s life going to be after this happened with Aluan?..  I was trying with all I could to show that I’m not part of what my dad did, and was trying 110% to prevent it from happening, and it’s like something happening against both of our will.   I was thinking of later judgments and trails in courts about this crime in front of me.
so, my dad kept assulting him in the middle of our storage place in our house… for few more minutes, then he stopped, I was still faking crying.  I looked at aluan like;’ you will never talk to me ever again, right? ‘  in the same time, i was sort of still looking for an answer from him about the question I asked in the begining…

– then alex looked back at me,, getting up from the ground, as his face was so close to mine. and from the tune of his voice; he said “everything is ok, i’m still your friend,” I was drying my tears still thinking of how things are ganna go now.. because of that crime (thinking what happened was real life ).  then he said something about , “i found the answer to your question too, and it might not be a sin”… That was mind shocking I remember his words  and I was like O_O to myself  ‘ holy s**t, this kid is possessed, he lost his f***king mind ‘ .. Ooooor !!!   this could be the most fked up dream i’ve had in a while!!! GOOOD  !!    He was getting dressed and ready to leave my house,  I slapped his ass and right after that  woke up (snapped from dream) .. first thing  I realized after waking up, this nightmare happened with many other friends as well, all raped by my dad,  but it was not gonna happen again, because thanks to Aluan, it’s been busted.



10- IT WAS GOD! But You Got Lucky This Time

– We were up in the sky, and someone was in front of me who was so tall and shiny, I couldn’t see his face if I extended my whole sight above me.   Here’s the part that I remember:  he told me, ‘you know it’s a dream, I don’t have to scare you, but, do not think you can wake up from this one like you usually do’ …  then he followed and said:  ‘you now are being judged but you can’t see god.  God send me, and you will not be able to go anywhere.’   Then I tried to wake myself up using the regular methods: hitting myself, snapping, do the Owwah, but nothing worked,  beating myself up, didn’t work either.    Then, for some reason, I went inside my brother body and used it to get out, (I can’t know what that was or meant)  but it didn’t help. Then, I used my mom’s body,  my little sister’s body, my other sister’s body, and all didn’t work. Then I was panicking, total disbelief  from what’s happening, because I recognize that it’s a dream, I do what I want, but I cannot wake up from it. then I heard the voice again “this’s not your dream, it’s not up to you go back whatever you do.”    I thought that’s it, my life has this end, and my family would find me dead in bed that I didn’t wake up from my sleep, call it natural death or whatever.  I remember my breathing was too fast for tears to come on my eyes; I was mere powerless. 

Suddenly,  that spirit told me:  ‘you will only get out by using your middle sister’s body, she’s the only one.  just apologize first.’   My sister that he mentioned, is the most creature I abused in my life in every possible method of torture. not sexually off course, but I don’t touch my other 3 sisters, while for her, I kick, hit, smash her bones and do every bad thing to her, and now this guy from god is talking about her.   Whatever, then I quickly tried to use her body,  I had to talk to her first, like to promise and apologize,  and then it worked!  I got out!   Then I really woke up in real life.  I woke up extremely terrified; I thought that would the end.   I told my mom that dream, she didn’t give a damn. But when I took a moment to think about it I thought it’s a clear warning for me to not to abuse my sister this way anymore.  but that dream got me so pissed I went to kick the sht outtaher… lol xP,  not




11- What The Heck U Doin!


This one happened on Aug-28-2010

In short,

I fuket my friend, his identity will be kept secret this time,  in our same freaking place, the Men’s host room here in my house in —if.

for some reason, I did not cum… i just did not.  then I realized it was a dream! so I was like “man,  I’m ganna taka a shower after i wake up anyway” just go back and deliver the final blow, so i fuket him til i came!    Then out of no where.. my entire family walked in the room! My mom, and sisters … they were like ” !! How did you do something like that..  the other day you stated your morality doesn’t allow you for such an act, and you do it to your friend!! you low hypocrite!! ”  And I said to them “nah, that dude did it in real life,  but this is a dream, I wouldn’t do it in real life”  it happened that they were upset about the cumming part..  they were all mentioning that was the real problem.. that I came!

Very awkward…!!  Trying to calm everyone whiling pulling myself out from the scene trying to convince them it’s a dream and I honestly didn’t cum until last.     ….  and also my sister said something while looking at me about ” it isnt that big ”    O.o    ___

SO,  Thank you f**king Satan for that dream/nightmare!!!





12- One F**ked Up Dream!! I mean seriously effed up

source: pinterest jakebrowne55/poor-children


this one is so f**ked up.   She sacrificed her life and her children to protect me.  She even asked me to kill her so I will be saved. and I selfishly accepted that..  all her children were killed.  and then after she died… I realized it was a dream so I had sex with her dead body.!!!
Yep,  I woke up with semen dripping from my knees.  We were in  the middle of a robotic evil war She was all like transformers,  she was being employed by the evil boss against me (Because I reassemble the good Angel).   So I was cutting, slashing, and fighting.  Once she was dispatched, she realized she was manipulated to serve the evil…  she let off her power.  Then I finished destroying the big machine.  Then all the evil power in the world was released so all her children came out of her and were about to fight me.. she turned around and told me to press that laser into her wires so she’ll end, and all her children will die.  So she sacrificed her life, and children to save me.   Then, I was thinking this’s a weirdass nightmare..  you know what.. sexy time!  then I went to do what I did…   For no reason, that was so low I admit.  If I was someone who doesn’t have a heart, brain, an animal, no soul, … no excuse to do what I did…  she wasn’t even fully dead..!   I think she kinda woke up a bit after I was humping my way and licking ***ing stuff!!  her expression was… nothing… so shocked she did nothing.    I realized she was kinda awake, then I told myself, yeah, so she already knows and it’s a dream.. I will do her… anyway
what the f**k ..




13- Sexy Hero Black Woman Who Saved Me When I was Stranded

‘source: tarynnycol.tumblr.com’


This one happened on Aug-21-2017,  a sexy black woman who saved me from the police when I was stranded in the USA!

I was in the United States, but I had my car and was driving slow alone down the streets.

I put it in neutral as I was driving near a traffic light, I knew it was going to stop in time before the pedestrian line so I jumped to the backseat and just controlled the wheel from there.  I did not notice that traffic light had a freaking camera!  So I panicked and hit the hand break, then reverse in time just so I don’t cross he pedestrian line!  I almost did while the poor guy driving next to me didn’t stop in time and the camera flashed him that he crossed it .  He and his friends were sad and frustrated.   A police then arrived and saw me sitting at the backseat and was like what the heck?  Give me your driver license and registration.  I told him ok I just stopped at the traffic light,  then when I gave him my international driving license he said show me your wallet let me see it myself, and so he took my whole wallet searching my IDs through it!  I told him you are not allowed to do that… Who allowed to search my wallet without my consent!  He said how did you issue your international license if you were not from here?  I said I did it with the one from my country, but who the heck do you think you are to search my wallet?   So… I was not in my full mindset at the time, because it was a dream obviously, but that’s why I acted the way I did and we made a scene until his supervisor police came to us! I explained the situation and they immediately apologized to me and returned all my stuff to me.  All that was happening while I did not even move from the traffic light, so it actually turned greed from red, then red again and I was still in my car not driving.   As I was finally packing my wallet and stuff it turned green again.  A sexy black girl who was driving by said “Ohh, let me help you,”  and he got in the car driver seat while I was still in the back.  I told her “Thanks!  Ok just take a U-turn then park there I will be alright.”  She did just that and so we parked at a gas station and she told me she saw what happened with me and the police.   I was explaining to her how frustrating the situation was.   I can’t remember what else I was doing there but I wanted to put a soccer ball in the trunk of my car but I was so confused that I actually went to another old white car. thinking it was mine, and opened its trunk to put my soccer ball there!  Then she noticed me and told me “Ayee,, that’s not your car.. here it’s this one!”  and I was like “Omg I’m so confused since I came here to the states it’s like I don’t control all my brain.”  Then her friend saw us and came by to talk about things.  They were both black girls and they were friendly.  I can’t remember the full details of what else we talked about but I then invited them to my house and we kept talking about the city and that situation happened to us earlier.   She said that I should’ve stopped him and called the police myself when that happened.  I said “I know.  That’s what I would’ve done usually but my brain is fuzzy since I came here.”   Then… all of sudden I realized  why my brain is bad and everything is so confusing!  I realized that I was in a dream! Lol!  I then told them “Omg,  I’ll tell you guys three things and you are not going to believe me.  Now I know why I can’t focus and I’ve been so fuzzy and lost..”   Then I explained to them that 1- This is a dream.  2- This all doesn’t matter and I will just leave now.  3-  I will never comeback.   She and her friend looked at me like wth!?  How?  What?  I told her you can have my house and car.. I will wake up and leave.  You will never see me again because I’m not from this land!    She then got so emotional with me!  I said it’s alright this always happens, and then in my typical creepy self with every time I realize I’m lucid dreaming I usually just have sex with everyone but this time we had a connection.  So I just held her arms and we kissed.  Her friend was like wth!!!  I explained to her that I will disappear from existence right now and they cannot find me at all.  I told them take the car and house.  I then told her friend that she could do the same so she came and kissed me.  It was very emotional, then I went back to the main girl who saved me who I kissed first to kiss her another time and it felt  very transient and beautiful.  Again the reason I didn’t just slept with them was because I actually cared about their feelings lol!   I told them goodbye, then I breathed and shouted hard that I woke up in real life happy and feeling stupid haha!





 – — – – – – – – — – – – — Conclusion – – – —- — –– — — —

In most these cases, my decision to get up off these dreams is funny.  what if was actually real life and not dream where I did what I did there…  it’d always feel incomplete.

There comes times when I get tired to realize what is real that I’m living.  That one day could be when I’m aged that I won’t tell if it’s real life or not.  Tragedies happen, in my case,  they do hit my mind that way;  separating the sense of time and location to stop your surroundings from becoming real to you.  It sounds to be a time when someone would lose his mind because it’s seeking dreams that won’t get you anywhere in real life. 



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