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Is this love that I am feeling

I like them so much.
Their voices are stuck in my head.
They can tell me anything and I will do it.
They can do nothing I hate;
I become obsessed with everything they do.
I find them perfect whether I use my logic or heart.
Forever and ever I can be their slave if no one freed me.
I cannot fight back. I never had control,
Their voices, breathing and laughter never stopped.
I can’t get close, and I can’t settle this down.
They did not leave chances to be an option.
I believed that my hands are tight, asking help from the outer world.
first, I was afraid, now I’m sure I’m helpless and can’t do anything about it.
Don’t leave me. I’m afraid of going wrong, or losing more. Please,
could you be the one to help me out?

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