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busy life pace, it’s changing me

I don’t b!tch about how lonely or depressed I am these days as much as I used to.  SImpley because, I don’t have the time to do so. In fact, I’m looking for the time to do that, and I can’t find it.

I stopped writing in general, also stopped posting in vlgrhds.  now I joined this forum called aLonleyLife.com , and :S,, it’s not intersting.. it’s full of teenage emos and miserible losers. + such thing is not expected to succed.  you are trying to let people who hate to get with other creatures to get together?!>!?!   it’s obviously ain’t working + you see it’s relativily dead and in fact.. real emo/ real loner does NOT want to be anywhere near such thing.  i.e .  all’of ’em fake niggas. They are not real loners in my opinion.

I myself didn’t want to join, i’m too lonley to do that + even now that I joined them, i’m fking bored to death to do anything there.. it’s like I wanna say every time: get away..ohhh get the fk away from me.. wtf do you want.  and I always want to curse, and swear.. and guess what, that’s not fking allowed there!  How The Fk can someone like me open up without letting swear and sh-t fk words out loud!?

fk life, fk my sh-ty life, i fking hate myself, i fking hate you, I fking hate the whole world and I hope it fails.   Fk everyone trying to survive this fked up world. it’s not fair, what are you trying to do in there?  life is sh-t, crappy piece of fk.. it’s killing me, I want it to end.  I hate my life, I hate to live.  god take my soul…. i wanna see the result now.. i’ll accept whatever fking hell i’ll be sent to.

i’m sitting in a physics class,  I’ll go back, do homework like an animal till 5 in the morning, then prepare lab report, introdoction, reading and sh-ty quiez. I’ll have no break. wtf is going on.  calm this sh-t down already.  I really just want the time to stop.   time?  we’re living the time… our lives go in one dimension, 1 dimensional fk.  one way, no returns.  on top: you can’t control it, or its rhythm..  i fkin wish i die.  i’m seeing my mom looking at my dead body.  she’ll grief at first, then she will understand, because she’s the only one who understands







If I were not being myself, then I can’t see people for who they are

3.Jan 2011 | 2:53pm |
felt good saying it

6.Oct 2009 | 7:35pm


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