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Yesterday&Today&Tomorrow&After Tomorrow | continous stress, but we go thru| missed another 3% of my 4-credit class

yesterday: was doing hw from 10 pm till 6 am, slept 30 mins, went to school, class 730am class 830-10:30 am then ate then class 12-1:30 pm, went back, slept 2 hrs, then went soccer, walking to the field from 6pm, as there was a game starting 7:30 pm. I was so excited about it because it was going to be the only intersting thing I do in 72 hours, but fk the couch and the team captin, and fk the whole team, too.. I only played 3 mins,  and was sitting on the bunch for 3 hours and half.  went back home more than sh-ted upon..  slept 1 hr then started hw till 6 am, slept 30 mins then

today: hw hand.. class 730,, class 830,  now i’m typing about my fked up life.  i have a report due at 11am, now it’s 10am,  i want to eat, sleep and pray, but i have no time.  intro+quiz at begingin of the class,  i’ll try to get something done.  class end 2:30pm.. then class 3:30pm till 6:30pm.. really hard, i’m trying my best to understand it.

i’ll be home at 7pm.. starting 16-page most complex hw of the week due 8:30 am tomorrow.. it’ll take me 10 hours at least.

tomorrow: class730, class830, class 12, sleep, maybe soccer. then start doing 14-pg hw due 730 fri morning.. +possible quiz there.

on fri: class 730, hand hw, class 830.. then i’ll try to disappear,  on saturday

otherwise,, i’ll kill myself

bye i gotta do the report now


in the phys4403 class.  woke late 7:40am,  ran like a dog to hand the hw due.  thnx god i got it.

still doing worse out of all classes in phys2203.  the last hw grade is 50 out of 100, which is  bad, because i already havea hw=0. maybe the lowest will drop.   Also, the exam were I got 70, while the average was 90 something.

good side: i’m playing good soccer these days, i’m so sure in myself that i’m one of the best in the soccer club. Yet, always on the sub.  I dripple every one of them + through passes + freeing 1 on 1 attacks + corners counter attacks.  I went to play with the old people, and I was too fast for them.  I killed it. sickest player they ever seen.  =crisiano+messi+ronaldinho  XD lol.

ok gotta write after the prof, i’ll pay attention. later. bye


thermo sh-t..  I missed one pop out quiz last time.. and since then, I’ve been attending every single class bringing my heavy sht book with me too..  JUST This Fking morning.. I slep over half a fking hour..  couldn’t get to the class in time.. and missed another quies..   means: – 6% already of my final course grade.  add to that the fact that I fked with D on the first exam.  this’s a 4-credit class. I fking fking  hate this fked up fking piece of sh-ty sh-t. fk this disguisting sht.. fk this fking teacher .. this fking sh-t is getting on my fking nerve everytime I let it go..  what the f k… what the fauaaaack..  fk this sh-t… fck  , f-k it

all the things I’ll list now, I’ve not even started them yet:

got an lab report due in 1.5 hr

(class untill 2:30pm)

got an exam in 3 hrs  (have no idea what this class about! seriously!)

(class untill 6:30pm)

got a progress report due 7:15 am

got an exam due 7:15am

got a long-ass hw, hard, comples (i missed last class was important) due 9:00am


man,  I’m f**ked


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