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no idea

sometimes you just gotta cry… to let it out.  I don’t know what it is that you let out. but this shit is how, some of us humans come out of some battles alive after being beaten up.  struggling and shit. never made it.  dreams are too far. too too far. too freaking far. seem impossible. I’m just not meant to be there. not meant to be that dude who I always thought I could be. I put my soul and heart but never got to be. I became instate a dude whose there 10 thousands million others like me. failed at life.  didn’t reach no top.  no fking accomplishments.  my dream became if I could only sleep at night for 4 hrs peacefully. I keep waking up thinking how a piece of shit I grew to be.  I wish I close my eyes, and never see anybody.   I wish I return my dept to this world. whatever I took from it.  it’s the meanest shit I’ve ever seen. meanest than I could’ve imagined. shit throws me out society. kept me dead while i’m alive. locked me in jail while i’m free.  made me hungry when Im full of eating


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