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so I’m not going home?

I wanna go home,

I wanna sit in an air plane 19 hours to get home.

I will wait in airports, I’m cool with delays.

I wanna take the taxi when I get there since no one will pick me

I miss my homies, tho I only have two of them

I miss my family, tho I can’t reach half of them.

I wanna sit with them , tho I don’t have something to say

I know I won’t get bored.  They don’t give me a chance to think what my life is about when I’m with them.

I want my little sister to jump on my stomach to wake me up.

I used to wake up smiling, in fact never felt a cheerful moment like it.

I don’t know what I like about my brother but I want to be beside of him.

24/7, talking non-sense to each other, laughing at crappy jokes-

maybe playing video games, cursing the ones inside the game.

stare me in the eye, boy I feel like getting a hamburger?

we’re trying get you married. what type of girl did you ever wish for?

intelligent, and big booty with plastic face!!  all in one?

local girl or an export  haha, quite or an awkward blon’d.

Even if my sister never talked with me, I just can’t bring hate to her.

Mom, you know my heart dance when I joke with you.

Mom, you know I would give you my eyes if you want me to.

Mom, you know I’ll trip the world with you on my back if I needed to.

Mom,  without you, I’ll be asking the world why would I be loving you

I live for you. what else can I say or do

Mom, I know that you love me, too

You know I’d put an X mark on anyone insulting you.

the way I act never showed how I feel, but since I was kid you’re my #1

My role model; I might change my religion if you told me to.

I used to pray to god to give you 90% of my strength and leave me tenth

Used to pray I’d wanna be slow and fat if that what it takes to boost your health.

No one was allowed to interrupt your smile, we all loved the jokes you laughed at

you’re gone, but your spirit never!  if you stay with me, I cant give up with you!


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