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I don’t know what I want

well, pretty much I was going to talk about things that’re not particularly new and indeed inferable from my old content. (something proves that I cant choose a real goal to achieve in life..)

so, instate I wanted to just say shit that I wanna say,  but for a second I stopped thinking… it’s true I made this blog for shit crap and pointless rant, but recently,  I gotta say… I think I made it something .. valuable you know: like meaningful, or to be more correct: insightful and deep.

so,  I thought, I should put my shit crap talk into this place… while for the other second i thought: no dude, you decided long time ago… this place for shit crap pointless rant, and it’s ganna remain this way.

I’m just going with decision 2: which is Keep this place for pointless shitty rant, and if it happened that you said some insightful shit thru, then congrats but we aint ganna change this shit 4 ya… boo!

Therefore:  here’s couple of stuff that I felt .. bwweahh

– my loneliness is killing me

– is lonely as fahuk

– will prove that he’s insane

– feel like i want to overdose/ feel like overdosing

– what does really matter ,,,

– not sure…

– empty but don’t know what I want to fill myself with

– feel like crying

….. so,  whaddya think?…   I really wanna die.


One response

  1. I don’t want you to die and I hope that doesn’t happen for a long time… You said on Twitter you were changing to different meds. This is the hardest time because drug changes always mess people up, so you might feel even worse until you adjust to it. Hang on no matter what happens. Go lock yourself up in the hospital if you have to – I always promised myself that’s what I would do for myself if I was having a bad reaction to drugs and if I felt like I was losing control of it. I hope you’re doing okay.

    February 28, 2011 at 03:38

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