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What’s going on Tomorrow

Dear dawn, what’s happening tomorrow?   Why rise again?

Reminding me by my cycle of tears; the falling lines on my cheeks.


Come cry with me at least, it might not happen again.

Do it for the sake of nights I watched  you turn into mornings..


Agonizing wait, for a sunlight to shine across the sky.

C’mon make it,  and rise.  Will you, pick me…? I’m waiting.


  What will we see tomorrow?


Tell me when tomorrow starts..  Tell me if tomorrow is dark.

Tell me if tomorrow is cold.  Tell me if I’ll be happy again.

If my tears will dry tomorrow, would you stay now and cry with me.

Watching the moon leaving.  Dear dawn, what’s happening tomorrow?




One response

  1. Don’t rise to the people tomorrow so they might wonder.
    Let them wonder tomorrow to know what I’ve been under.
    Lost and undesired, I was sick and really tired of taking this pressure.
    Of all these cold appeals, and I am the one who suffers, but I think I
    survived what’s tougher.
    I took in my face more crushed dreams every time I carried on,
    You didn’t tell me how long this would be going on
    I lived my life every moment without a reason to live for.
    I kept waiting to get some hope out of a closed door.
    I closed all doors in my apartment but I still see my shadow.
    It’s a curse that I’ve to find the darkness in my soul to stop feeling
    this sorrow.
    I didn’t stop to fight, just looking for the light, but couldn’t find
    that one either.
    How did this happen? Supposedly the tears are the wind up for the
    You’re the only one who moved my spirit and got my mind blown
    You wanted me to bear this much and I did it by my own
    I know I’m a man, and a man means he dries his tears alone.
    Whenever I think, I think of you, and wherever I look I see you drawn.

    I wish you hear me saying that, I waited so long
    It consumed me, it consumed my soul.
    I didn’t know this would bring more tears; I thought I consumed them

    May 8, 2011 at 16:44

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