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Females Hypocrisy and Irrationality

for a long time, I thought girls don’t make sense, & irrational. I was right, just now, science can prove it, and I can describe the messed up correlations that take place inside of the mind set of females beyond their realization.

Since I’m sleepy, tired, and this’s a boring topic: I’d just address the main points without going into any details:

– money and sexuality: (money= rich makes you sexy?)

– sex: pure physical activity.   money/ material : tool or currency that is a medium exchange for the value of buying/selling. = > the amount in your bank does NOT imply or affect your physical/mind image

and that’s just one example of the big picture of how their understanding of materials brings different values to attach to people and make them attractive or not.

– personality: shyness= > weakness in personality= >not dominant= > not douche = > not a man!

not in that retard order, but it’s completely wrong, because being shy or undominant does NOT imply in any way how much love or meaning he has for you or how much sacrifice he’s willing to put for you stupid b!tch!

– smart is attractive? but is it good?

aside from how smart one is, they judge goodness on an entirely false approach:

honest/sensational/emotional/concerning/caring/loving => no good.

douche/dickhead/dominant/disrespectful/f**ker/fake/cheater/ arrogant/ dishonest/ ignoring/ heartless/ selfish/ cocky c**** hitter = > good f***!!!!!!!!!!


science was not able to prove the existence of the G Spot inside a woman’s vag, that’s an evidence of the messed up twisted delusional mind set of women. It must be I mean.


all irrational logic, and violated sense can be explained by one theory which says:

1- using their emotions and putting others first/ more, vulnerability that contributes to less use of logic

2-  b!tches so cray they be trippin yo


A girl said to me: “you’re a pathetic loser, a crybaby emo lil f-g, and u’ll never get a girl who loves you for who u are because you are more of a vagina than any woman”

If I’d give my feelings about this statement she said, then it’s that I feel pathetic for you more that you had to describe me as low as ‘a woman’    !*jeez! I’m not sure who is the one troubled here.

PS to sruckup-as b!tches.:  STOP Thinking less of yourselves and putting OTHER things/ones before YOU.  Balance it right in your head?  this blog was entirely sarcastic against who is against femininity despite their gender.  I will not change if you called me feminine.  my behavior is civil and just.  F#@k you cavemen.  Sincerely,  little emo g-y fag90t


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