where we write it

sh*t life (rant)

what the f–k am i waiting of my life?

let’s roll the dice and find

it’ doesn’t matter who throws, the same number will show

who cares..?  and what  matters?

A wall between me and others.

They can’t see me for who I am and I can’t reach them,

If I wasn’t being myself, then I can’t see people for who they are.

You’re telling me to change, I’m telling you difference shouldn’t be a problem.

angry about the unknown.  very stressful

alone and void.  dunno what I want to fill myself with. 

we’re kids just like other kids

nothing is better sometimes.  impressive? superior? who sees that? who’s the judge here?  I’m another.

this world is too big? the universe is too big. life goes on whether

As if I had the choice to live another world instate of this,  well this world is slower

changes of huge development but slow speed. idk why i think i know the future, 

btw and i’m always right about it. I can’t set a reachable destination as an acceptable satisfaction for my existence. I would just live to serve other souls in this world… yet,  just another lost ones like you. so I didn’t really do anything. …

stopping the game that you didn’t choose its rules, because, I don’t know what greatness is exactly. what’s your scale or reference? nothing…  sometimes I believe randomness just as facts.


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