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Rant: what I wanna do

Why can’t people be simple, clear, direct, productive, strait, … why do you have to explain yourself in 10 hrs of speaking?  almost think 2 mins max give the main idea of any formed by human’s brain.  Isn’t it the listener fault if they didn’t get it and needed elaboration? or the stupid speaker fault if he couldn’t really point what he’s really trying to address in one complete understood sentence? :S

I’d love to sit, observe, and analyze… do all that from out of the frame..  see it form a very different prospective but very right.. just like the infrared space telescope.

I never like to judge inside the frame,  I’ll take it into consideration.  Some problems:

a) you can’t deal with them unless you’re inside the frame

b) require you, (as result from outside-frame analysis), to be inside the frame

for a: you can verify your observations with proven evidences: mostly scientific&logical,  if you can’t, then the results don’t matter because no true answer doesn’t exist.  (=> answers are subjective?)

for b:

1) please verify that “in order to deal with it, you must be inside” statement

2) watch someone else who has been inside before,  before you get in

3) explain what’s acceptable/ not acceptable as answers that you provide from dealing with this issue from inside

not going inside, is not solving the problem and keeping it unsolved = unacceptable attitude




That’s one problem that I couldn’t solve every time I write down… I want to change my life.

sigh*,  all we go where the money lead us huh?

I’m sick of school work, why don’t i realize engineering isn’t my thing.  I never liked to dig the same thing over and over, much rather look for new crap to get..  or at least new thoughts and feeling of exploring them.. buuh* . In few words. School is boring… especailly this mechanical engineering job that I got, +…keep thinking too late to quite,  If I said this to my mom, she would respond: “so, what do you wanna do?”  (crossing fingers she won’t kindly say her infamous line “a lot of ppl has rotton on the street, stay homless then”)  .. Ok, so assume she asked what do you wanna do then?  let me think:

1) stuff I wish I had possible for me to try/do: crappy examples of failure

–  singer, music, soccer, novel writer, poetric

2) stuff less ambitious as examples of failure

– philosophy, thinker

3) very low ambition:

– ?   I don’t know, all I know is I’m pretty different from the average person of my age,  .. poteintail wise, .. I know everbody think they’re different.  for me, mechanics is something I chew and spit.. someone keeps feeding me from one source,  phys is more intresting..

now i just don’t want to go anywhere knowing that I’ll escape every land I land .. it’s my messed up mentality . <>


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