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Judgin Morality

– What’s fair & equal?

Who is getting hurt, and who is getting relieved .   where are you subtracting, and where are you adding?

We should be as solid and physical in this issue as possible, otherwise, we decide to not jump to conclusions:
If we judged by what affects happiness, feelings and intentions, we might not know if we were fair from the beginning.
so we judge by materialistic damage (money), time loss (life), and freedom of individuality (equality).

I don’t think we should consider any quality that is comparative with survival (minimum) and standard (average) points.  Neither consider any total material with subjective value. sentimental/personal…
There cannot be an ideal model of judgment that provides ultimate judgment of us to each other.

– Is it delusion or denial that protects me from infinite loops and hopeless loops of mind states?

-What do I mean to the world vs what the world means to me?

everything has this relationship;  also everything with  everything else?  (universe with the earth …)   are you sure you’re not part of the system? (yes),  but who else is not?  everyone but  one ? none?


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  1. Thanks Jem, really appreciate dropping :)

    May 29, 2011 at 12:04

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