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dream that I’m dreaming + another weird dream

I’ve been awake since 4 hrs, so I barely remember the main theme of the dream:

l***a my sis & mom in my apt (here in br).  l***a was helping me doing school work or something, then when I ask her, she cries.. she was afraid of someone spotting her, she couldn’t sleep.  so I let her sleep in my room and I slept in the living room.  I woke up in my dream to tell her that I had a dream about her (this’s happening in my dream, she’s still in my apt)  she’s doing hw for me,  she started crying, my mom didn’t say anything.  I can’t remember what else happened.  it was wierd and bad nightmare,  then I woke up and realized I had a dream that I had a dream.  seriously…


My heart is running in the forest :

(note + a lot of voice/video/paper written blogs need to be moved here later – just yesterday I had dream about an answer hint: telling me that the infinte dervative means ‘uncaused cause’) I had a weird dream, I woke up over an hour ago, but it’s still quite presant in my mind.just when I woke up I tweeted:- we can love innocently in an evil world, chasing our dreams and forget by looking at each others’ eyes- loneliness affected my sanity and let my emotions scream- I want to shout with what I want. and I want to fix you too… may I? waiting for god to help me——all these ..in attempt to interpret what I think I may have been feeling, or whatever.snapshots I remember from the dream:a heart… a pellow or whatever, it was a live being.  fast.. running in fear, used to pick me up,  I used to hold two ballons representing two emblems: smiling, and (can’t remember the other.. but it was +).  once we both hold these ‘ballons’  we would be able to run fast.. very fast like you are fast forwarding a video.  every time we run so fast across a forest.  we ran it so many times that we know exactly what route to take.  I also noticed a benefit of holding those ‘ballons’  it allows me to follow the heart, when it manuver in fast motion between the bushes and trees.  while in the same time, I was full of fear of being spotted by someone with evil intentions, but it was okay, I just had to not think about that possibility.  “wearing my heart on my sleeves”, the saying says.  our destinatino.. seems as I could rembmer to be… my father?  I don’t know why, but we also later picked my mom with me to run with us across the forest.. probably to my father, too.  my mom was great.  smiling answering me questions:  she was thin, and weak because of her age, but was smiling and active in love and action.  same… heart first,  I could tell where ‘he’  is going because of his color between the trees,  then it’s me with my ‘ballons’  then it’s my mom beside me.  then lastly we picked my youngest sister.  same story.  I felt I became familiar with the right route throgh that confusing, misleading, dark forest!  even the last time, I was in the front leading my heart… just a bit of hints from him confirming my directions. First run,  I had all suspesion and fear of being spotted or assualted,  also was following the heart because I don’t know the route at all.By the last time we ran the dark forest, I was in the lead, and I almost had no fear to where we’re going.there I said….- “we can love innocently in an evil world, chasing our dreams just by looking at each others’ eyes”


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