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I really don’t know what’s ganna happen.will i make it?  I need to:  starting 3 pm:  1- finish me 10-pgs formal lab 3experminetms report      2- before deadline midnight: math 3355 web assignment    3- phys 2221 8 prb hw  (BIG QUESTION MARK!!)           4- ME Design EXAM Tomorrow morning!!!!  I WILL DIE       5- I also need to fk myself.. which i’m doing right now… by typing what shit I go through here..        I’m supposed to sleep, eat, relax, enjoy life, have a family, and be close to friends, parents, and spellings, have sex, laugh,  think freely,  worship god, and go to heaven yaaaay!   OPS!!!  You need to be alive to do that!  and you need money in order to live.  and you need to have a job in order to get money.  and you need to get a college degree to get a job.  and you need to study abroad to get that.SOOO… SORRY MOFO..  you can’t get any of that.  EAT SHAAA HIIEET   taa.  man i’m fked up


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