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happy and busy, let me update this thing

let me update this thing why should it all be sad stuff. it’s my news, and I just been to the health center, :D damn . .. ok since no one is reading this blog, say it all here:  ان اذني الحاكم كأذني حماااااااااااااااااااااااااااااااار  !!  no seriously,, damn,,, the nurses.. that doctor named Alee. she wants to fk me. I went there for my sprained ankle, I had the x-rays, and before that she was checking my hairy leg. ewww  .   she smells nice… and didn’t mind at all touching every part of my lag .. I.. jizzed in my pants.  jk no I couldn’t because I actually just masturbated right before I go to the hospital :( , so I didn’t really enjoy what’s happening there af ya na wat am sayin~ HHA !!  well, here comes the hot part. I was about to get out, then asked the front desk to check my nipple cuz it was swallowing bad lately… so the nurse took me. then a man, and that doctor Alee came.. took off my shirt, and were playing with my nipples .. oowwwh !! it looked disgusting but they said it’s ok, no worry. it will be fine soon. stop ambien & tynol. then he left, but she didn’t. she kept talking to me, and recommending stuff. and telling me to sleep, and not look too much in the internet for a diagnosis. Then she asked me for a second date.. ahm , I mean another appointment to schedule next week.  Fri March 26 – 10AM SHARP!!!! (also have orthodox appt Fri 19 at 12:30 PM)  she was( itsh) (double u ) (A ) (Tea) … damn  milfodis . my hands still smell like her… I don’t know when we made contact, but that’s the case (*sniffing my hand..* waahh) OK ENOUGH!!! WTF!!! what a fking perv.. I’ ll vomit on your face!————————

now, i’m sleepy, hungry, have to go to math class, then 3 hr lab, then at 6:30 have to see the indian prof for that CM big-ass assignments due tomorrow. then I have to do the formal ass report for ME 3701….I don’t know what to do this time.. I wish it goes right, God, be at my side. ———————–

IN CONCLUSION:Well, that health center was a pleasant :D . and,, that’s it.I plan to stop masturbating cuz it fks my ankle joints more.2 c . bye


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