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thought about dropping college

similar analysis .. but in conclusion:  I had this assumption that I can find a (fine) job without college degree.  <– possible?   also,  the 2nd assumption:  that jobs that require less energy/time from you =>  less consuming for you =>  make you more of a free spirit, which is all what you are aiming to be of all those plots and life.—————————-

I wanted to ask, if I were doing a job that I like,  would it be consuming at all ?  =>  even it takes your time…  not energy: as I define energy as how much I bear.  (energy to breathe)  => in case you’re doing something you like, then you technically won’t feel suffocated or in urge to do something you like because you’re already doing it. it arguably might be increasing!!  (co-recullalr activities) -end


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  1. I didn’t even want to leave this comment because of how obvious it is, but just something to remember. It’s obvious that’s I’m not fit into this crappy uninteresting major, however, you crossed all the way but the last jump; next year is your last one, and the smartest thing to do is to try this last shot and give it your best.. duh. If you failed, then f**k it and please don’t be stupid and beat yourself up because that’s what was expected to be honest. With that said, I plan to try each of the following MY BEST:
    1-Time management
    2-Controlled quality entertainment.

    Those two points are pretty self explanatory by their name I think. #2 is when you have so little of a thing, you feel it more. (e.g.: the best slice of pizza is the first one. So choose when to eat it, and no need to eat the rest of the f**king pizza, and when you’re not hungry, you should know it’s enough and not be eating in first place)

    Everything should be by time with schedule, just like you always did btw but this time better because you always did it like it’s last shot, but this time it’s literally your last shot.
    stay focus dawg, I know you gonna try hard, I’m not gonna ask you to try harder

    June 28, 2012 at 20:19

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