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H U G E IJ !

   IJ  dreaming when you wake up like HAAAAAAALLELUJAH  !!   <3 <3  <3   <3   <3   <3   <3   <3    wooooooooh !!

Thanks satan,  and everyone who put efforts to make this happen…

 I dont know what I could’ve done without you guys

I had to put this down for history records:on this morn: .. u kno,took off, then said I’m hot and saxy…  wooooooh!! then everything and everything..   dawg that was awesome.playing, fin,  boo, and puu.  white damn was perfect &that sh-t was definatally worths it.   I know it’s a dream, but it felt so freaking reel homie ;P
Comments: (2)

14.Apr 2010 2:59am

dude, it was a dream dude calm down.

23.Apr 2010 7:17pm

but it was sad as shit… honestly.. fml  washing my pants so humiliating lol.. no more


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