where we write it

romance no more


If I would only be hugged,  I’d start crying on your shoulder in no time. 

It just doesn’t seem there is “you” who gives free hugs, but there’s “me” who need ones.

I just think life is better with you.  I meant the “you” who cant exist.

How far can I go?    stop me from thinking.   I know there’s as much love inside you.

I’m lousing up on the words to write in this one page.  Like the few minutes I had with you ….  . 

I remember what I did.  I did nothing,  and what am I writing now; writing nothing.

  Could you really read what I wrote ?  I’m fluttering, lost and silenced in words.

I’m desperate, powerless, and beaten in control.  stay with me.

  I just can’t go and tell you.  C’mon, you and me are sick of cold people, right?  Me and you don’t mind to wait behind hopes; they are true.  We have dreams that we are happy about, right?   … no ? cold and no more romance ..

Withered by a wind of unknown. Pushed to where no one is reaching.  I’m getting lonelier by the time.

  Unhealed wounds marking where I was stabbed. sad that I was treated with no romance.

Staying hurt all the time. Soon I’ll be too damaged to act normally. 

Where else should I look?  are you writing on a paper like me?  leaving them behind in places like me? 

 Would you calm down and let me take it from here.. 

  Take off that mask, it must have felt heavy on you . 

I am shy, too, but I forgot it now because you are here,

…….  well, you’re not

I got to wake up and face reality.  oh god,…. I don’t seem to be curable…

Would you not hear my words please, and look into my eyes instead?

Would you leave my hand and touch my heart instead?

Would you believe my lies and tell me the truth instead?

  I’m desolated in denial….  is it my look,  my skin or personality?!
  or is it my luck just meant to be, rejected and lonely? 
A lot of love in my heart…  I want to give for free


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