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u know








u know how it feels

when you’re crappy sad as hell, but don’t know how to express it to others. I’m not an artist, and english is not my language. I hate every letter, because after I use it, I know it didn’t tell what I want to say. I wish you listen to me weeping.. that will say it better.

for you, I’ll stay silent. it’s hard to breathe. all I want is a shoulder to lean on, cry on. someone to lie to, and lie to me and tell me it’s okay. someone to look at in the eyes and see a mind before a look. no prejudgments…

I feel I want to disappear again. I feel poor and worthless. Nothing will left me up. I need one to rearrange me. I realized I hate to take care of others, then I realized I hate to take care of myself, too.

I think about it, quitting life. I don’t care sh*t what any other individual has to think. let ’em f**k it in his asshole. It’s me, nature, and time. when I really think about it, I cry hysterically maybe, and let the tears fall as they want, let them say it all that my life has no meaning. I will not tell myself to eat until my breath is gone. I will not protect myself from any harm. I will not respond to any urge to see, hear, feel, love, move, hope..or smile… I need a proof first, I need to see it, because I don’t see a valid point in living, or doing anything .

I hopped too much, I ran out of it.  I stood up too much, it’s time I want to fall.

It’s by default that we’re dead. 

Stop the contact, to live in a crazy world where we only understand ourselves.

Language blabs incoherent crap. 


don’t explain it, because you’re part of it too… 

  and me i guess,  I dont want to listen to myself


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