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My Empty Corner


“Hey there, what are you enjoying … ?”

Ah,  me?  always in the corner,  it’s just …

when I go back to reality, I can only be what I’m set to be; produce and function the way society wants.

Dreams hit a ceiling and reality sinks in.

Myself has nowhere to go and no where to show.

Back to reality, who cares where I fit?  who is there to see me .. and why?

Back to reality, what’s worth crying for? what’s worth living for?

Back to reality, humans on earth living alone between billions of lifeless clusters in the universe.

We got only each other, like a family,   but we hurt each other like an abusive family.

How can I stand living here ?

My brother watches my sister starves to death,

another dying of diseases and only got polluted water to drink.

I got a brother who is mad rich,  he never feels and he never gives.

I got brothers and sisters who don’t care if I died.

I got brothers and sisters who want each other dead.

and what if,  just like kids, we keep playing.  In our little house, never look up, never get outside.

We look from a small window,  with small minds, we see big cities, we don’t know what they’re about.

and hate if we wonder,….

because we know what we know, and can’t find answers to everything we wonder…

I don’t have to know my family; I hate them and I love my toys.

In this family it’s no shame if we stayed ignorant,  it’s no shame if we didn’t share a smile.


I grew up to be another kid who sits in the corner;

stopped playing,  thinking about leaving this place.

I’m not sure what you’re playing for.  What are we trying to enjoy?

or is it that we all just play to stay distracted…. ?

Are you that good in hiding your pain? 

we’re all just getting by…

 are you sadder than me.

 cheer up and forget, come do nothing like me.

At least you get to face your sadness.   Why don’t you want to?!  Because we are Humans?!  choosing to be happy or right !  again!

That trick doesn’t get any sicker!!  So we get to eat and live now?  you want to rest and produce now? … this doesn’t get any sicker!

I’m done with you!

moving on to my next brother



“What are you enjoying?  … impolitely asking again…


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