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minus infinity moment – statemnets of my religion


– Everything needs frequency & energy to be done, even the universe itself was figured to be made that way.

– What Science could explain is what happens if both of those existed for a moment.  However, you cannot really answer what medium could or why would have that energy follow to be something instead of nothing with time unless you introduced random possibilities with null being one of them if existed on curtain working conditions as well (the balance of the four forces in physics).

It’s equivalent to saying there was nothing but everything can occur just as likely as nothing so boomshakalaka, excuse me I mean, Big Bang.

We always thought energy is conserved.  There must have been E0 = E1,  as E0: initial that was there,  and E1: transformed form from E0 to make the universe.   If time is the allowance of interaction of all particles, then you may assume what we think is time must have been there since the  ‘minus infinity moment’  and it has still not ran out till this day, unless your conscious world has stop, it’s still going for each of us respectively.  In return, it’s allowing the energy to still have those forms making the universe we experience now.

– Are we seeking something irrelevant by addressing how this energy is transformed, and how that time is being consumed?  I don’t think we’ll find out about the source of that  – infinity moment which before nothing was existent, simply because it’s  – infinity,  the concept we deal with but don’t comprehend.  If we try to understand infinity, it’s violating the opposite principle of saying “energy can’t be created.”    It sounds similar to the causality argument “there’s a cause to every consequence.”  Also with entropy insuring that energy constantly seeking more random forms, one could claim that at some point in time all our energy would be a random form that emulates the mirrored consumed image of the minus-infinity moment.   If the same will happen to time, then it’s rapidly consuming all its nature to come to stop at the end.  Thus, we can either claim that another  -infinity will occur in some time (since there’re only infinite number of possibilities.)  Or, you can say it’s an endless piles of shitloop.   With those assumptions: the – infinity moment can either be something experienced by you only, or  be addressed as “an uncaused cause.”   ultimately to set the argument of a creator, god, or whatever.   I find valid arguments that if it were caused by a creator, then that creator must be god who if we used the logic of our casual existence, should be responsible for the act of creating,  while us experiencing.

In the previous paragraph, I wasn’t assuming or thinking anything new, but merely looking what is possible.  It’s equally ignorant to eliminate any of the both possibilities completely.   “God may exist, but science can explain the universe without the need for a creator,” – Stephen Hawking.   that statement would get you to scratch your chin for hours then say .. “yeah everything is possible I guess.”

– Quantum fluctuation and random uncertainty describe the loop, but lack the prescription of  time of humans because we think if something is made, then time went forward and don’t expect that thing to reverse time to not exist again, then exist again…  (Fermi’s one electron world does not apply to humans).  That means that they happen in no time, or that time is an extracted dimension that allow us to experience space in spacetime.  Our bubble had a medium for that time and existing energy at the late of the – infinity moment. So they need that one mad possibility to let them be the starter cause of what I’ve been calling the ‘minus infinity moment” that our conscious is consuming against everything else going the opposite way.

–  In other words- infinity moment validate existence but does not exist thus can’t be validated by science.  If such thing exist,  it must be causing,  because if caused,  then that is not  – infinity,  as  – infinity – x =  – infinity  that could define an earlier moment beforehand.  We could look to the late  – infinity, not an early one.  Thus experiencing time creates finite existence, but logic does not approve time existence in the created existence we live.

– now I will go to masturbate to disturb the fabric of spacetime, causing more entropy in the system costing less valid energy resources for my unfortunate fellow creatures that’s probably the children in Africa making them starve and die of polluted water.:D  sorry, but I really have to


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