where we write it

Beautiful in the first line; Ugly in the last one



I would give you what you want,  you’re beautiful.

tell me, with a sign, that you want to..

I’ll put you high… High,…High,

you got my attention, more than all  my friends, and family.

Take me on, anytime.  All is yours, none is mine. 

You’re the chooser, I wait to be chosen.

If you felt any weight on your shoulder, I’ll be there  to take it.

Wherever you go, I’ll be there to make it.

………………….. but

just if i may ask you, i don’t know why if someone liked you.. you don’t, like him,

and like to ignore him.

 that he’s not your fancy,…  for you he’s  nothing worthy.

Do I owe you an explanation?

I mean, we’re all humans, so ….  he wrote you, called you, told you.. that he truly likes you.

but you’re into .. some complexion, of higher looks and material.


I begged you to just pretend,

this knife is pushing itself against my wrist.

I’m done hurting myself; your royal highness.

curse me, tell me.. that you don’t f**king like me,..

show me.. a reason or give me a blade so I can f**king kill me.

I hate life, but I only.. found that you were of my love guilty.

In all nights, it possessed a demon; a whisperer to a soul that lost its saver.

Begging it needs my talk; asking to know whose my heart breaker.

Writing your name, with this ink, I pressed it, I crushed it..

and filled my hands with love stains.   my fingers hurt,

bleeding from my nails,  I won’t stop because it may numb my pain.

I’d write your name, filling hundreds of pages like I’m insane. 

Proses, and poetry I can’t explain. 

Some say you’re pretty,  some say you’re empty, but in vain.

you’re kind, and you’re arrogant,

Are you prude?  moody or misunderstood? 

  you couldn’t feel my cries;  are you heartless…

what I saw inside of a beauty queen was ugliness…

with a conscious that’s too small to take a blame.


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