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I feel as a human

I guess I am at my lowest, and all I can wish for is to get back up.
My world is falling apart, but it’s crappy anyway…
and if I don’t matter to myself, then to everyone I don’t;
I’m alienating, poor, weak.. I feel so  unknown.  
my luck sucks, and i’m unattractive, low self esteem, negative, and undesired.

My instincts don’t feel like mine anymore.  I feel I’m dying slowly;
just living with the pain of being cut vein to vein.

I’m hungry watching you eat.  and you’re disgusted by me looking.

  I’m disgusted by me, too.

no place for me, no reason, no buddy to call when lonely.     

Where should I go?   .. I want to

  Don’t say it with your eyes;  I’ can read your silence..
I’m walking away,

I told you I feel as a human.


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