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violated rant

I have an emotional injury.  I wish I’ were invisible,, I’d just
lay down on the street, and let it rain on me.
Let my skin die from the cold.  Stay without food, no sex; I will
breathe slowly.. like i’ve been killing myself slowly. I am no one, and
I am for no one. I got nothing to lose because I gained nothing from
life. Sad irony, who is lucky to be alive but not lucky to live. what
is rich, what is gain, what is time. Suddenly, my dreams are not real.
Do I need medical help? or psychiatric therapy? what exactly is damaged in my logic,
or is it a lack of ability to know that I live the error itself? 
ok, I want to stay. but with someone. at least I can talk to my silence. I’m

going crazy… I think I know why, but I don’t know what to do about it.
I like kind people, but I’m not sure what good does kindness do?  nothing seems good to offer.

I don’t mean no thing, 

no, I mean nothing seems good to offer.  I started to feel nervous, I’m
in a public area and someone is watching.  I can’t look, or share.
I can’t be natural. I love natural me… I could describe it to you
later. If only I could do some work, that I’ll like to do for a good
reason if reasons were meant to be a cause to something in my mind.


One response

  1. I wanna live healthy and worry-free. I don’t want to cry now to laugh later… I don’t want to cry ever

    March 6, 2012 at 02:29

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