where we write it

It’s Just a Journey


I am waiting to write,

Empty lines hovering over.

Punctuations,  no written words.

A cheap pen and a useless paper.

Let me try again,


I can talk; not to leave it depressed.

Though everything has been said;

Someone already wrote this thing.

To be no meaning.. yet afraid,


I know it’ll later be read.

By me, silly and optimistic.

deep down a loser.

how everything is relative.

If we relate, no one is valueless


Mr lonely ass is crying. 

just ashamed of lying,

to this paper; about ambitious failure.

Jumping high wows a braver.

Courage, but no power.


before writing trying to get wiser.

instead of breaking my neck twice.


The luck machine is running.  It’s just a paper;

Write anything; you don’t have a filled journal.

This one page off to show you it doesn’t matter.

A journey with no destination, that will stop later.

Chances and coincidences  we live, then …

It’s just a journey..end of paper.




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