where we write it

i & u

i: worry.
u: don’t worry.
i: can’t believe.
u: time.
i: possible?
u: future.
i: fear.
u: won’t happen.
i: so you?
u: is fine.
i: why
u: I want


i: why.
u: I care

i: how.
u: I know.

i: no.
u: we do.

i: now?
u: always.

i: but.
u: what.

i: I don’t.
u:  do.

i: hard.
u: come

i: leave.
u: no where.

i: life!
u: some good

i: over
u: hope.

i: over.
u: yet.

i: over!
u: still

i: nearly.
u: like it.

i: cant
u: up!

i: i’m not.
u: together.

i: how come?
u: we are.

i: stop
u: we wont.

i: let go.
u: with who?

i: you know.
u: take

i: no, go
u: maybe

i: without.
u: still love

i: over?
u: who said

i: let go
u: you first

i: do i?
u: no cry.

i: but how.
u: look, see.

i: no thing
u: I’m still.

i: me too..
u: love you…

i: .. I do


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