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I fell in love with a stripper

picsource:  acidemic.blogspot.com/2010/12/die-like-champ-enter-void.html


and I don’t know what’s true or not.  All I do is go and cry.

I wish she had a place in her heart, for her heart to love and start

some good from evil.  She’d let no hopes drip or leak.

A mermaid who learned to speak. I wanted some, if not, I will steal

a dream of hers when she’s asleep.  you know,  from this or  these.


her mesh gets the spot.  all wounds will be flushing, fighting for her heart.

no healing.  all veins will be reeling,  between quotation marks :

“She’s beyond description”,  like a piece of art.

An Exotic Noemi.  Softy.. Pixie..



Holding a glass..

 She’s the one drinking, but I’m the one tipsy.

I tipped her dance;

It hurt me like I’m bleeding, and I accept pleading,   guilty.

I am her vice,  living her savage verdicts.

dear goddess, on my toes kneeling, 

not asking for forgiveness, but some love and spark.

smitten brain, she’s all I see. am I blind? 

I only see scars but feel no pain,

Is it ? her spell, or  am I paralyzed..

Literally beyond description! so may I skip that part..??

She’s lovely, she’s lovely…


but she had so much sex,

She let herself into low types of mess.

now I may just hit myself.

 I hate myself!

I’ can get no type of rest.

She was supposed to love her best.  She had a queen look.  She was a beauty miss.

melting in her cuteness.

look in her eyes, she could almost fly.  An angel from heaven sent.

way more blessed to be dirtily dressed..

some kind of jealousy that makes me so depressed.

she’s my melody.  why’s she showing her legs and breasts?

everything about her,  look, and personality.  what I hear and all I sense

When she talked, I only feared,  she’s not single, and had so much sex.



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