where we write it

happy for no reason

I could be happy for no reason, and would like to write about it

with a small glass of wine, I threw my thoughts away from this mind of mine

how could the world be happy all of sudden?

I knew this life is relative from your view point. worse than that, if it is imaginary.  I’m freaking touching my dreams and I’m ordinary.

I probably realized, you don’t have to be recognized to make a wish come true.  fame and money are not what we all seek and do.  

good and bad are equal. to me, only me, I’m glad life was given to me.

  thank you god, no matter how life is tight,  I’m alive and free.

no one can get me caught, not even but, if they what.

How can I drawn if on water I walk?   I am flying between the stars to see no top.

I am faster than light.  my dreams were always big, I kept dreaming about them never stopped.

Isn’t life just cheap?  and there’s no point in lifting the weak,

in few weeks,  you decease.  so keep it real, and shift up your gears,

time isn’t waiting. we love to play, just to stay.

i dont believe I changed, not all since the eighties.

put that syringe in me.  I heard it gets me higher.

I love to be flying. woh, so now it’s so much deeper..  I feel I’m so much greater.  unstoppable f–king greater.

falling on some sh-t.  running on the edge.  hanging from a cliff.  life is a f–king dirt, and I’ll be a f–king bleacher.  who really knows what’s ganna be there.  so stay here.. it’s a steep plane, you don’t have to be living in a fast line.

sad everywhere, it’s all the same. we’re all going down, so don’t complain


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