where we write it



Get me out of my skin, and

Protect me from everything that feels.

I’m falling from the outside within.

Can you now just be near?


Stop killing me everyday;

I revive myself from sleeps,

crossing yellow brick roads,

or on the sideway counting tears.


Take me off this down,


Take me off this down please

Look at me drowning

drowning..  Lethal and deadly deep


My brain started to shut down, and my veins are tinting blue.

I remember reaching out for blind hopes and false truth

Inhaling bubbles of Oxygen while seeing me and you


Is that my soul fading…  Am I still breathing

Drowning under the reflection of sunlight  was my last bit of realization


Cursed unholy water, why’s this forever taking?

I’ve hit the ground, yet still falling…

Falling from the inside within, it feels like drowning…  again



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