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Big Dreams Stuck in My Small Head


Big dreams, like if dreaming was easy

small dos, no capability.

Big dreams, using a subjective description…. “Big.”   let’s make what I got…. “Big” and live it.Big dreams, no brain could take it, no body could make ’em true.

Big dreams, no place to dream further.

Big dreams, big ambitions, but ambition alone is a leader with no army;  it can’t win any war.

Big dreams, what are they still doing there? I thought I forgot them,  time told me that it was moving forward, but they were too big to move along.

I left them back but I still see them.

Bid dreams, big for any one to live them, small for any one to wish them. medium size to get fvcked with them.


been month since u wrote shit huh?
4.Oct 2010 | 1:21pm | hii | sdjklfjdklf@iofjoweja.com
forgot to say.. welcome back

4.Oct 2010 | 1:23pm | hii |


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