where we write it

why the f–k are you crying?

i dont know.

not lonley, but too hopeless and much work to do to live

i can’t help it but to think about all the sh-t i gotta do to live

thinking about a sh-t life.  what else to do just to f–king live

thinking about others.  what else to do to let them live

“i hate myself, and i hate my coincidences”

i hate my failure to succeed… i hate how i became just another sh-t in life

wtf  is that

i cannot be .  but i’m good at NOTHING

how the f–k can i get off this trap,

f–king hated school to death..  work till you die…sh-t we need to rest.  f–k this work am I going to hell.. tired as f–k.

hate my failure.. and everything i do for my success… but i’m just another brick in the wall. the wall of dirt

but i’m not soulless.  i wish others were unconscious so i’d start not care about them.

local sh-t,  i’ll never be interested in.    isolated i will ever be..

lonely.. with many others,  only selfishness and bad thoughts on top of our heads. 

   cant .. cant breath because of it.  cant



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