where we write it

day after another

one day after the other,  I value things that I’m the only one who cares about.  Sometimes, I feel like giving up…

when all loads come to put you down,  and all fall mercilessly on you…     , 

why would you  get up after that?   why are you still holding to the cliff refusing to fall?

because when I look up,  I imagine colorful things…  me ,  holding the hand of one that I love.

because I still have those  hopes…

because I  know bowing out means death.

tell me that it will not end,  I will hold anyway.  if we all hold, if we all hope,  if we all do, then one of us will make it, and turn a desperate look into a smile. 

I, keep falling, but I keep getting up,..  time after time.

Everytime you ask me,  if I answered, it will be that I will get back up.

If I can promise,   I won’t give up before my nerves give out.  I will keep looking up till the tears blind my sight.


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