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I feel like dying every day


Nightmares while I’m awake. In the mirror everyday.
Force me to look away.  No conscious for life to stay.
I hate when I think I’m crazy… I know no one cares.
Don’t remind me that I’m lonely I know that well.
I’m looking scared and scary. I feel like dying everyday

Zero help;  he is me.  If someone would save me from me

 Hurting me… leave me as I say, it’s happening.

“Everyone is useless! Even if I  have a little value in my head!”

The guy in the mirror is lonely and depressed.

My life is not mine it’s his.

Playing with knives saying he’s dead.

Stabbing my brain in every step.

Keeping my heart vacant; filled with hate.

Haunting my life, did I hurt him first…


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