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(Disgusted, Dirty, and Angry) The Rejection Vibes of The Discriminated/Categorized




The phenomenon originates when a claimed well-intentioned action passively causes a miscommunication of discrimination due an ignorant analysis of a seen or displayed, behavior or social style.


Discrimination is many types all form a nasty pack.  Because they preemptively define humans’ worth using presumed relations, they function similarly ( gender, race, class, physicality, disability, religion, beliefs, colors, ethnicity, social behaviors, sexual orientations, emotional connections, adopted, loners, environment  etc…)    each may exist separately.   Individuals mature out of this grouping and generalization behavior for all its types all at once, i.e. all develop at same time because they all make the same package.  Otherwise,  peer evaluation stays as active as their brain cells and is rotted by a rate and disastrous energy moods justified by the functions each discrimination type is connected to.   For example, gender sexism excites many functions: visuals, aesthetic, sexuality, emotional, survival..etc.   The brain frontal loop will happily accept the existing presumed package of info instead of creating a new one,  so that the brain is now “comfortably” able to manipulate, whether wrong or not, larger amount information regarding its target.

So this paragraph says in short that if you discriminate, then you don’t think of others, but only of yourself and the functions of how to use others.



Who they are:

Any unprivileged/unfairly-treated groups or individuals in general, over a period of time:

(classes, genders, physicality, bodies, ability/disability, colors, ethnicity, religious, sexual orientations, adopted, loners …etc):

Whose attitude may seem to refuse sympathy/help from others.


– Disabled people who refuse or are infuriated if you tried to help/sympathize with them.

– Old working people if you left them a tip. (where I came from, it’s even offensive in such case)

– This dude: “Black people think the world owes them something” (also see the whole post, it’s very related to it)


– me?


I saw myself falling into different categories of this kind since I was abused and discriminated against in many areas in my life over a period of time without getting rightfully treated or helped.

As a result,  I lack empathy with people who have been in my experiences (i.e. I been through it without help, why can’t you…)

Yet, since I’ve been aware of it, I tend to be the better, and give what I was not given.  So I do actually help out and empathize with those afterall, and sympathize with all my energy and rationality to achieve fairness and equality always for every creature.


Ignorant stupids who bother me most about it:

When people ignorantly approach to “sympathize/help” someone who already came the way and climbed the hill with sh*t stuck all over his dress. (i.e. damage is done, been through it all and help him/herself all along)

Just like those who fake smiles and treatment to me because I’m different.  Just like you try helping a disabled one in a wheelchair for example.   My reaction, just like his is “No thanks, F**k You.”


case 1:  Old generation is racist, now generation is trying to ‘make up for it’

case 2:  Being nice and offering help for the unprivileged/disabled

Both are different, yet come to the same reaction of rejection.  My justification for case 1 is:

Too late for the apology and smile and you know it’s unnecessary, Just don’t do it to someone else.

On that notice… Hey There Christian cheesy Jesus church group!  00100 F**k Yoou ! : D (see the link)

However, I can see that case 2 came from frustration and disappointment of putting up with stupidity. Although justified, I don’t wish for its attitude to be excused.

Looking at both categories and in both terms:

– They both describe a developed worked or shaped view over time,  thus they both take some sort of enforced cycling of time and space; location and generations for a ‘breath’ of realization to take place and enable everyone to ‘Educate, not punch’ each ot

– Education, patience, down-to-earth realization  are all important factors that I think could contribute to shorten the recovery time.

I have Not fallen into case-2-victim scenario, and I really wish they start to accept help and for people to approach them with favor gently and generously because not everyone will have the attitude that I voluntarily followed (be better and give what I was not given.)

It takes some energy to fix humanity. So we hope you to help them so they can help others once later.

I’m not saying that’s the purpose of life and I know it’s useless from a rational perspective. Nevertheless,  if 0=0,  then whynot +1=+1.


My view on bad/good people and what people are the best/ racism:

Every place/time is good by its people.   Love should be equal all over and similarly evil.  In other words, good and bad people everywhere, otherwise assumptions only make wrong sense.


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