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Are You Really “Good Without God”?




I have a younger sister who pretty much turned agnostic/atheist  by the age of 14.  It kinda of shocked the heck out of me, slightly worried about her vulnerability at that age but I was a kind of proud of her skepticism.   I explained few things she asked me in a better way and told her to clear her mind of that for now until she grows up few more years, but didn’t interfere in her belief still at all.


I think if you claim that you are good without god, then you’re just as delusional as a believer  who think there is a god.

Note, I said, who think there’s a god, not believe there’s one.   I also refer to God as to the ultimate-just creator of existence.


A lot of “goodness” or lack of it is attributed to the activity of a positive ethical consciousness or the lack of it, respectively.    Thus, we have psychopaths, the bad heartless people.

I see consciousness as the brain way of fighting for its neurons activity;  so  if a big principle in your brain was to seek fairness and equality, then your moral conscious will let you suffer if you did something opposite to that.  You have a conscious, you can’t be unfair to others; you’re a good human being.

So, your goodness came from your ethical conscious, and that acceptance of principles in your conscious came form your sense of fairness and equality.

But, where did your sense of fairness and equality come from if you really knew, believed, and thought that life is free, not a gift, and valueless since it came from nothing?

If I’m not mistaken, it came from your realization and valuing of your own existence, because otherwise your rights, justice, and survivability will be threatened.
Welcome to self deception,  how could you value your existence yet you know it’s valueless?

 You’re a hypocrite if you’re a good human!

Don’t you know you can kill 20000 people, then kill yourself, and it won’t f**king matter to nothing? Don’t tell me about your conscious,   it will not matter to you because you won’t exist. 

At least believers/agnostics claim they believe or disbelieve, but they don’t know.


Either you’re a hypocrite,  or you’re just as delusional as a believer who think there’s a god.

Atheists and believers caught in their own made-belief logic for one’s own sake as well.



You can be good/bad with/without god.  
It rather depends on your ethical conscious sense and realization of existence.

Believe in whatever you want;  It’s all there, and it’s all possibilities.  Some help you to be  a good being, and some help you to be ignorant who imposes his theses as facts to others.

F**k those who argue about religion.  I say hold justice between yourself and others, and keep your beliefs to yourself so that you don’t be a self-absorbed hypocrite who can’t realize beyond his existence.


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