where we write it

need of love




Am I on your mind,   at any time..?

Because you’re on mine,   all the time.

Do I exist to you, anywhere?

What am I to you,  anyway?

How is this fair..  I’m in despair.

Here I am again, all alone..

What type of life am I living,

It feels wrong with everything missing.


Can you change this for me tonight?

Please, it will be my only night.

My notes are here after I’m gone.

 So let me know please if you could,

This’s everyday and it lasts a lot

If I be on your mind, it would mean a lot..

I might have to delete this site


I’m falling asleep,  I’m going numb..

%%”no need for love..

no no .. no need

I was wrong.. asking for love

no I am not in need,  

no need of love


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