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Depression Happens – depressology



Cause and effect releasing chemicals depending on  what the brain focuses on.
If your sadness doesn’t match your reality; being sad for no reason is narrow minded stupidity. (angst kids)
You can similarly be dumb happy in an opposite way. (happy retards)

Your brain adapts to your environment and conditions depending on how active it is and how you grow up.  

Lets be honest here,  99% of the depressed don’t have no freaking one to tell them any minute of sweet talk;  they are lonely fks.   I hate everything but myself more, with nothing to support the weight of depression against, it becomes a matter of time that I would hate myself enough and slit my throat.
You will not have option when suicide happens, but please remember suicide is not natural neither happens overnight. It’ll be driven by depression  and a mental-self-harm component that will increase the more you go without reaching out to no one or stopping it by some way (emotional, drugs, physical, …etc).

It’s harder with people with financial, social, and emotional struggles to fight the second component because it’s related to how you spend or distract your energy from hating yourself more.  That’s why most who commit suicide are weak mentally either because of young age or bad drug habits.  In other words if you were in control of your brain, then you’d migrate the negative thoughts and focus to build your positive mood back.   Money and people work like magic for many scenarios.  Just like one showed how he can talk on his friend’s head until he would force him to focus on something else and smile! (games, jokes, fart, anything exhausting whatever!)  In the end,  those are great tools to fight that better for yourself, then afford to fight for others happiness as well.

I’ve always said, that it’s easy to be good when you have resources. Example: I give out $millions charity and it wont hurt because I’m rich.    Same regarding social and emotional involvements.   I’m driving all that from an assumed notion that people enjoy and want others to exist around them, not work and get worn down in hope of eliminating them.

Bipolar is equivalent to an extreme behavior of being bias:
counting your blessings all at once with a blind eye to your downs and being happy for them, then a blind eye to your blessings and focusing your downs and dwelling in sadness on them. (learn to find the middle stick or get medicated to be helped with it?)

It’s selfishness to make excuses to be bias toward the feelings of believing variables that are intangible/un-relatable to the real world and others.  (mis-evaluating your current time/place interactions might hurt who loves you in this life.)

The universe is not about you, but people who are close to you and love you are. (Im sick of anxiety myself)

They’re people who work under isolated slavery with nothing motivating them to go. These people live really depressed until their brains balance its chemicals and stabilize their living statuses.

Tl;dr  Don’t beat yourself helpless against depression until it leads to suicide.  There are just as many ways to kick depression out as there is to cause it.


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