where we write it

to everyone like me ‘ I’m tired.’


Dear,  I’m tired..

have the short end of the stick

most likely you know what Im about to say and don’t want to hear it.

or sit and lets have a bacon samwich together ^^

but that doesn’t mean we can’t have something beautiful with others  ^^

Humans only got each other on this planet.  That’s how we make differences and what we count as something that matters.

I can commiserate and feel sorry for myself as much as I want, but it will hardly make a difference.  I used to write back then things that can give me hope,   pain -vs- pleasure

In your post

“tired of being so self-absorbed”
The thing is we cant complain or we’ll sound self-absorbed again.

The ingredients of happiness are known everywhere, but they’re harder to get for some than others.   There came a time I’m sick of saying “I”.    same boat.   many times where we think why the f**k paddle anymore? let this boat drown, seriously tried suicide so many times, but leaving the ones who love you to cry is too irresponsible.

Tired of selling yourself, but if you decided to stay in stock, you start to buy others.   Tired of drowning, but if you had little power left, then you start to learn swimming.    The rules of a world that’s inherently capitalist.  Living for a good life means for others to live for a good death.

“I’m tired of dressing up reality”   I wrote what I know about depression. It’s normal state, not impressive.

Depression Happens

finally, I wish I knew you closely.  I dont get any penny out of my blog. sorry to link you like a spam .. hehe.    I wish you the best and wish you to get over this slump to help others as well.


One response

  1. Ola

    You know what? I completely feel what you’re saying.
    The day after putting up my “I’m Tired” post, I put another post up called Testimony Time.

    The aim of this was to hopefully encourage all that could relate, that something good can come of this frustration. I wrote the blog in a bad place, but by being Freshly Pressed, some real good came out of it.

    Now it can’t happen like that for everyone, but in one way or the other, I think being honest brings real fruits. So as everyone encouraged me on that blog, I can only do the same, because you too will also have your Testimony Time.

    December 17, 2012 at 06:36

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