where we write it

sorry for living



sorry for being lonely

sorry for being bipolar

sorry for being sad

sorry for being depressed

sorry for being not special

sorry for being me


I , wanna die
I , wanna die

I am trapped

I dont know how to love life

hide, yes anywhere I wanna hide


I’ve been on earth really long time,   never had a mate  or a close friend.

Repeating words I never felt, then asking for less;


I want to feel love, acceptance, try a company or a kiss.. 

an exchange of stares of being desired …


too lonely, sober, bored in a dead prison defining depression .

what’s happening to me is inhuman;  isolated and to insanity driven.



how to pop more meds than I already did,   more mind tricks to my mirror

how to keep smiling, to no one ever

how to go to sleep, crying the night, and wake up older.

how can I keep going to work,

how to be good at a sport

how to look pretty or stay in shape,   my youth and best potential went unheard of

how to keep hugging myself  

how to keep taking videos and pictures of my memories and wait them become sadder

how to keep hope, when everything is becoming harder.

how to write something in this blog,   those f**king views are all mine

how to keep feeling, I’m dying inside by the second

how to keep lying to myself,  it gets better my ass

how to not start to hate,

how to keep this gun off my head,

how to keep living either for myself, or as a liar

help me,  distract me,  shut my mind, or shoot me,

  love me… please… Im sorry for living


One response

  1. Anonymous

    That’s so true

    March 21, 2013 at 08:10

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