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Hello Depression

hello depression


Take a seat.

Shall we talk it over


Banging on my door, never wanna leave

Every now and then, you invite yourself in

to be seen, and take away my sleep.

Kicking everyone I love out.

Razing everything in my house.


I always knew,  you’re here to stay.

We’ve always been together.

but it’s not like I kept you away from others.

I wondered why you visit humanity,

until realized that you visit with my wonder.

No one cares; the hard times are over.


Don’t convince me that I have nothing to lose,

I know your every move.

You point your finger to my wounds,

to every little cut and abuse,

then blame it on my past or youth,


You stay out this time; I get to choose.

I’m alone, none is welcome to stay, not even you.



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