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Fast or Slow Days


I used to never go to sleep, and when I do I can’t wait to wake up.

Now sleep is the best part of my day, and I wake up just waiting to sleep.

I can’t tell if time is too fast or too slow,  to be honest who knows.

Too alone to realize how fast my days go.

Time just hurts when I give it more thoughts.

Let it pass, let it go.  Time is relative, and I’m relevant to one no more.

Merely a physiological being;  I’m numbing my emotions for good.

Filling my stomach with food, then jerking my mind off.

Looking over the hierarchy of needs, I don’t give a f–k if this rhymed wrong

I can’t love this moment neither the future to live long.

Fast or slow days? 

They get longer when I try to answer with words.


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