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Everything Patterns The Same

Every behavior and everything has an analogy in life, business, physics, math, biology/physiology, neuroscience, psychology, astronomy, philosophy, sociology … social economy, communication science, policies of different kinds,  interactions and games, even wasting time seeking hobbies or playing video games.. just in every form of interaction.

You can always find valuable lessons from the universe on any scale and level to have an extremely similar analogy in one’s life.

Einstein speech : The common language of science:

Without exaggeration, I can write 100 pages about this subject if I chose to talk about its details and examples.  I wonder now if my inspiration for writing “Too Much Abstract Is Useless” was String Theory;  You connect the dots.  On the other hand, Quantum Physics affect my understandings of motivations and will.  To give an easy example in a dumb awful way to a 5 yr old is the Double Split experiment.  Perspective one describes the electron defiant to our intervention to understand it, that it resists to be detected and thus goes for the (lamer-get-off-me-bruh) form closer  to its state when /how it was detected (particle/ wave).  All meanwhile, perspective two describes that it actually travels through time to gain uncertainty, and that it absorbs and reflects every possible vibration of energy to exist for your freaking majesty.!!

  Math is using quantities to represent people, behaviors, phenomenons,…etc and then return back their understanding of analysis and control. If you describe things carefully using symbols, that’s our work of science and math in this universe.  PI: (π) = circumference/diameter:   Dimension compactions play hard with every theory of the universe origin of our spacetime from blackholes to its edges and multiverses elsewhere.   The tool of scientific description that expresses every thought and theory;  I can quantities religion and make it work.!!   However again, in our modern world today we face problems that have solutions that are non-existent, or not available, or simply just not acted upon because reasons are not justifications.  History repeats itself because of an abused and acute capitalist form of Natural Selection based on humans’ thrive to exist.  Unfortunately for humans existing, in the Twenty-first century, means achieving or chasing human-defined financial security.  That definition failed to sustain over-population either because the solutions are not acted upon or unavailable.  Survivability, the ability to thrive, is hurt as politics hold back science, and laws and conformity fluctuate harder than people’s motivations;   Blame it on the Entropy of humans’ intelligence and decision making.

(Feel free to look up the concepts of these docs):

-Nova s42e17 The Great Math Mystery 2015

-PBS Nova – Fractals – Hunting the Hidden Dimension:

-(Official Movie) THRIVE: What On Earth Will It Take?:

  It’s a lame/depressing generalization theory of every behavior and change in every phenomena or thing that I’m not really a fan of.    You can think about the parent-relationship represented in the pattern of repetitive fractals found in the microscopical biology, as well as the astronomical nature.  some of these videos below don’t even try to make sense, you will get a headache if you watched them all, I didn’t , but it’s funny how you sense analogous patterns in every form of science as I mentioned


Similarly interesting article elsewhere on the internet: http://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/pressrelease/human_brain_internet_and_cosmology_similar_laws_at_work



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